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I have a broken intercom system and AIPhone MCL model does

Customer Question

I have a broken intercom system and AIPhone MCL model does anyone know if there's a fuse in the box because I was playing with some wires and after it stopped working I was wondering if I blew a fuse or something else is wrong
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Home Security Systems
Expert:  JACUSTOMER-t1vaa1ru- replied 1 year ago.

I'm not familiar with an MCL model so I'm not sure what you have. I've worked with the MC models and the LEF intercom systems. No AIphone that I worked with had any type of replaceable fuses. If it has an exterior power supply, the power supply has a fuse but it's non replaceable. Did you or can you check and see if you have power going to the unit?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I'm not a tech all I know is played and mangled some of the wires connected to the door latch that has a buzzer on the AIPhone to open the door that's when the AIPhone stopped working
Expert:  JACUSTOMER-t1vaa1ru- replied 1 year ago.

It could be a number of issues which I really can't diagnose through chat. Normally the door latch requires 12v or 24v power to operate it which could come from the unit itself or from a different power source to trigger it. It also could be just a matter of a simple wiring issue. There is no fuse to change out that I know of. Sorry I couldn't be more helpfull.

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