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Glen Moore
Glen Moore, Technician
Category: Home Security Systems
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Experience:  20 + years of experience in home and business security.
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Home Security Systems

My Honeywell LYNXR-EN Alarm System keeps beeping and giving

a code of 05 or... Show More
a code of 05 or 02 all the time. What do we need to do?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Home Security Systems
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replied 5 years ago.

Glen Moore :

Hello, This means that you have a low battery condition on sensor 05 and 02 open the wireless sensor box at the door or window or motion if you have a motion detector and pull out the batteries. Purchase a new batteries at your local hardware store or order some from ebay. I would go ahead and replace all sensor batteries while you are at it.

Glen Moore :


Low battery condition in a wireless sensor (if zone number is XXXXX) or low system

battery (if no zone number is XXXXX). If 00 is displayed, a wireless keypad (5827) has a

low battery condition.

Glen Moore :

Thank you and be sure to click the accept button. That is how we get paid for our time.


No that's not what is happening we already replaced the battery because it was saying low battery and are still receiving FC, 02, 05, and all types of codes and beeping alarms.


zone numbers 02 05 and FC Fault keep coming up inadverently

Glen Moore :

An FC is a "fail to comunicate" which means your system is not being monitored or your phone line has been disrupted. If you have a keyfob, replace the battery in that too! The low battery with the sensor # XXXXX a low battery condition at that sensor. If you had a "00" that would indicate a low battery in the main control.

Glen Moore :

You may have some bad batteries or old ones that you replaced them with. Try entering your code # XXXXX off button.

Glen Moore :

Recheck the batteries that you replaced to make sure that the negative and positive are in the right direction.


We are not being monitored at this time (new owners) Is the keyfob the hand held remote (like keyless remote for a car)? 00 has not come up. What is the 02, 05 codes that comes up. The battery works when we enter our code and off button just fine. We tested it and the alarm went off also.


Like right now 02 and fault have come up with loud beeping sound. So I put in(NNN) NNN-NNNN*99 and it stops temporarily


What or where are sensor batteries located on the doors and windows or that large motion box on the wall?

Glen Moore :

What you just did is put the panel in the main program mode. That has nothing to do with your trouble. You may have accidentally changed some of the main programming fields. 4112 in the default installers code and the 8 + 0 + 0 is how you get into main programming. Do you have any other user code to try?


I have this little card with system functions references on it

Glen Moore :

The batteries are located in the wireless sensors located at each door or window and at the motion detector itself. If do not have wireless sensors the you would see any little box by the doors or windows and in that case the 02 and 05 simply mean the door is not secured. But most if not all LYNX systems use wireless sensors.


Yes we do have those boxes on each door. So they have individual batteries in them? Where or how do I remove batteries from these boxes to replace them. They have a arrow pointing down with a little piece or flap coming from it.

Glen Moore :

Geberally if you have 4 consecutive codes in a row like 31, 32, 33, 34 this would indicate a low battery in a keyfob (yes, like a car remote).

Glen Moore :

There is a little nub or tab that you have to push in and then pull the cover off.


okay so we got one cover off and the alarm is going crazy now. there are these little batteries 3 volt lithiums or something.

Glen Moore :

Yes, once you pull the cover off it triggers a sensor tamper condition. Replace with new battery and put the cove back on. You will to do this to each sensor. You can stop the beeping by entering your code and off button. Do not use the 8 +0 +0 part. just a valid four digit code.


So now I have to find these batteries to replace in each box. You think that is the problem. I sure hope so. These alarms are driving us nuts.

Glen Moore :

Yes, but the other thing is now that the alarm is not monitored you will still get the FC trouble which is fail to communicate. So the central station receiver and account # XXXXX have to be removed from the programming.


Remove the central station receiver and account # XXXXX How do we do that?

Glen Moore : go here to get your manual and program sheet first. once you have it printed out the come back to me.

Glen Moore :

I have to leave for a couple of hours. You can request to get back to me and can continue. If I have been a help to you please do not forget the accept button.


okay I have it


Motion box has a battery too?

Glen Moore, Technician replied 5 years ago.
Yes motion box too..back t you in about an hour!
Glen Moore, Technician replied 5 years ago.

This is the section that you will work with do remove the dialer phone # and account #


Here is the sequence


4112 + 8 + 0 + 0


you should see field #20


Now hit *41


Now you are at field #41 which is the dialer phone #


Now hit *41* to erase the field


Now hit *42


Now hit *42* to erase this field


Now hit *43


Now hit *43* to erase this field


Now hit *44


Now hit *44* to erase this field


Hit *99 to get out of programming mode.







Fields ✻40, 41, 42: Enter up to the number of digits shown. Enter 0-9, # + 11 for ‘*'; # + 12 for ‘#'; # + 13 for a pause

(2 seconds)

NOTE: Whenever AAV is used, primary (field ✻41) and secondary (field ✻42) phone numbers should be preceded with the call waiting

disable command. Otherwise, there is the possibility of connection of the third party to LYNX during AAV mode.

40 PABX Access Code

Enter up to 6 digits if PABX is needed to access an

outside line.

If fewer than 6 digits need to be entered, exit by pressing [✻]. To clear

entries from field, press ✻40✻.

41 Primary Phone No.

Enter up to 20 digits.

If fewer than 20 digits entered, exit by pressing [✻]. To clear entries from

field, press ✻41✻.

Note: Backup reporting (8 attempts are made to the secondary phone

number if no kissoff is received after 8 attempts to the primary

number) is automatic only if there is a secondary phone number

(field ✻42).

42 Secondary Phone No.

Enter up to 24 digits.

If fewer than 24 digits entered, exit by pressing [✻]. To clear entries from

field, press ✻42✻. See backup reporting note for field ✻41. If using the

paging feature, enter the pager phone number here.


All four digits of the Subscriber Account number must be entered in Fields
43 and 44. If ten digit format is selected in ✻48 (option 5), all ten digits of the Subscriber Account number must be entered.

Fields ✻43 and 44:

Enter [✻] as the fourth digit if a 3-digit account number (for 3+1 dialer reporting format) is used. Enter 0 as the first

digit of a 4-digit account number for Nos. 0000-0999. Enter [✻] as the fifth digit if a 4-digit account number (for 3+1,

CID®) is used. Exit field by pressing [✻] if only 3 digits are used. To clear entries from field, press ✻43✻ or ✻44✻. See

blank Programming Form for examples of account number entries. If using the paging feature, do not enter a leading 0

in the subscriber account number, and do not use digits A-F anywhere in the number. Some paging systems provide

voice mail capability, which is activated by a leading 0 in the message. Enter digits 0-9; # +11=B; # +12=C; # +13=D; #

+14=E; or # +15=F.

43 Primary Subs Account No.

Enter a four or ten digit account number.

Enter the primary subscriber account number.

To clear entries from field, press ✻43✻.

44 Secondary Subs Account No.

Enter a four or ten digit account number.

Enter the secondary subscriber account number.

To clear entries from field, press ✻44✻.

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