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Identifying what this is

Customer Question

Identifying what this is
Submitted: 24 days ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Customer: replied 24 days ago.
I just moved into an apartment. Next to bathroom/shower on there is a build up of dirt i think? Not sure just want to make sure its not mold or something bad. It just chucks off and makes a mess when i try to remove. I will attach photos
Expert:  Martin replied 24 days ago.

Hi, yes please attache photo. One very zoomed and one that allow to judge the scale of the item.

Customer: replied 24 days ago.
Customer: replied 24 days ago.
Customer: replied 24 days ago.
Customer: replied 24 days ago.
Customer: replied 24 days ago.
Expert:  Martin replied 23 days ago.

To me it look like insect droppings. Most likely crickets because it is rater dark but it is not black either so we can't remove the possibility of termites (usually the same color as wood). I suggest you look for other area that may have this and contact an exterminator. One way to see if it is cricket is to make a food trap for them.

Customer: replied 23 days ago.
Ok yes your probably right i saw something crawling around bathroom i thought it might be small cockroach. So i should call exterminator have this cleaned up
Expert:  Martin replied 23 days ago.

Let me know about what he have to say and don't forget to rate me when you have time.

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