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Category: Home Improvement
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On a hunter ceiling fan with lights, the light blew when

Customer Question

on a hunter ceiling fan with lights, the light blew when replacing the bulb
now the fan works but none of the lights work
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  HIC-Expert replied 11 months ago.

remove the light kit screws (one on each side above wherte the fixture that holds the light is slid upward into the circle or cylinder.

take the screws out all the way and firmly pull the light housing down, it may try to fall out, but it is connected by wires. that plug where the wiires connect is (the light Kit Connector)

There may be a burned fuse inside the light kit, look for one. anso have you noticed any other power not working in the house? if so , go tpo your breaker box and look for a swith that looks like it is not all the way on. push iy hard to the off possitiuon ansd then back to on all the way. this is how to reset your breakerv switch.if that is done and nyou still have the lights not working, tahe the cover loose that hides gthe fan mounting at the very top of the fan @ the ceiling. there are three screws. one of them is thru a hole preventing the cover from coming off in tghe event ythe screws came loose. the other two simply loosen and lift and turn cover . now just allow cover to lay down as far out of the way as possible. now then there will be wires connected in then (boX) Is your fan controled by a switch on the wall? if so you will have differend instructions. im goimg to try to give you both.

Expert:  HIC-Expert replied 11 months ago.

Please forgive my spelling my typing actually.

You will have a hot-wired it will be black it will either be controlled by the switch on the wall or it will be just hot continuously for the fan to and then operated with remote-controll. You may not have a way to test the electrical wiri' ng to see if therespower to the wire but for now going to turn the switch is off to control the fan if it is controlled by switch. And what were going to do is going to visually look at the wires there should be a blue wire and a black wire know either both betide to a black wire with what a wire net time all three together now to be in the case of not operated by the switch on the wall. If it is operated by switch on the wall then one of the switches should control the fan and want to control light. I believe it is the blue wire that controls the like So the blue wire up above will be connected to most likely a red wire reason for the red wires to indicate which which wired has interruption by the switch. Therefore if the fan light is controlled by a switch it will be the blue wire going to a red wire if it is not controlled by the switch according to code and the blue wire should go with the black wire that is the fan motor wire together and both of them should go to a black wire at any rate you want to make sure that the blue wire is properly connected in the event that the light switch to not drop the power to the fan you'll need to go and find out which breaker it is in the breaker box and switch it off. Now for me I would just test the wisr es live so I can figure out whatgoing on immediately but for you and you know what to be electrocuted you not perceive a life-threatening shock but you would get notified in a very immediately if you are to touch the wires it could leave you a bit shaken in fact most like to not want to try again. So if the boudoir seems to be intact doesnt seem to be burned because when the lightbulb burnt out could have burned out in such a way that it caused the connection wire to the power which is the blue wire to also become burned as the wire so small very thin wire. Now the probability of this happening up inside the ceiling box is a lot less probable than inside the light kit where you have the light kit connection or connector. If you visually look at that conne••ction: : connection apart visually look at the plugs of the connection and see if it would darkened or burned at all. If they alrl ne youeed to figure out why tthey didn make a good contact adjust this blog and then push it back together making a firm contact y

Expert:  HIC-Expert replied 11 months ago.

you could just replace the light kit altogether with the different light kit be the simplest thing not necessarily easiest but the simplest. Looking at the socket on the light kit where the ball was. Lukens sse e if thereanything darkened and black suit or agent Alex burn possible that there was a short inside the socket. Also there are some electronics involved inside like it and that is where a remote control would be if youre like kit is controlled by remote the remote control unit transceiver would be located inside light kit unit . It is possible that electrical damage occurred to some component inside light kit if that' thse 'case youll have to replace the like Kit. Anyway these are all of the places t' o check to see if theresany visible sign of damage that happened to a wire or connector or to the light kit itself if you do not see any indication by visually looking for by gently pulling on the wires to see if they separate from the wired connection or the connection inside like it my first inclination that would be just to change The light kit which there are many to choose from a lot of them are interchangeable just get the brand that your fan the Hunter brand and the color that matches your fan and just take apart the fan Kit X it said earlier catch the new one via the connector screw the housing together and there you have it.

You have been receiving an answer from the (HIC Expert)

I've attempted to address all possible scenarios and give you the best suggestion to solve your problem. It all seems too complicated to you to begin with and simply just change the like. I' tsnot dangerous to follow my instructions to remove the like On plug connector set it to the side of the new like it connect the connector which is strong eno'u gh to hold the light kit up without the globes or any of the heavier components attached to it just like get itself plug in the connector allowed to hang their then figure out how to cut the wires most conveniently and opens them and pushed the light kit up inside the other part until it goes all the way to the rim. Turn it slightly to align the screw holes and then put the screws in the holes and yo'e undone. Then I have to do is put the light diffusers which other decorative glass around the lightbulb and then put the boat and should be good to go. If this bi'cep doesnt work lets go back to the top the ceiling and check the wiring so I hope' Ive answered your question is not concrete solution is one has to be investigated to determine the actual cause but following the instructions I gave you should be able to find either the cause or by changing a light kit you will deal with the most likely place that problem could be. The ceiling box is the least likely place it could be however it is the simplest place to start just by checking the wired connection. Hope this 'hasnt confused you work you can always write me back further inquiry into answering your question more appropriately I try to cover the whole basis of the question because I dotn have time to be here right now and you may not be back online for quite some time so I hope 'Ive answered your question

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Expert:  HIC-Expert replied 11 months ago.

My name is ***** ***** answered you above , can i be of furthwer assistance? IS THERE SOMETHING I CAN HELP YOU WITH? did you need some additional trouble shooting ?

Expert:  HIC-Expert replied 11 months ago.
Hello this is David again building contractor I've been assisting you is there more than I can help you with have you tried the options that I suggested are you able to try those options? Man I invited you in some other way of testing your options. I'll be perfectly willing to help you more . All I can tell you is you get three main points of contact you have the contact for the light kit itself for plugs in the fan you have the Konnection point where the ceiling fan connects to the ceiling box and you have the connection at the light switch. It's possible your switch went bad there is a Little tab on receptacle connect power between the top and the bottom plug if word correctly and a wire burns on one side of the plug the other so I will still operate. However if the installer Chose the easier route which is connect to hotwire only to one side of the plug. It is possible when you had a short circuit or that when the light blue short circuited, which would have blown a breaker, or it could burn this little metal contact between the upper and lower plug no the reason that the significant because your lights which could be linked to the bottom or the top of the plug opposite the wire that's hot relying on the connecting to have on the receptacle for power to transfer from the hot wire which is actually the supply from the breaker or circuit going through the plug and then to the switch. The correct way would be to wire in a couple extra leads to the hot in pigtails or connect a separate hot lead to the switch in a separate hot lead to the plug however again putting on the installer this is a possible contact point to be Jack course if you have heard of the switch that's not an issue but it's something visual let you can check if you don't have a tester. If you have checked you three locations and you still have trouble when you're like it is bad because of you have power to the lights kit and the bulbul not like your only option is a bad bulb or about socket. Is possible for the socket to not make proper contact. Little tab in the bottom can get pushed down to for making it not contact the bottom of the bulb, also it depends on which bogey use some bulbs don't want to touch all the way I've had boobs where you put them in and they don't work and put another Bogan of a different type and it works is just not meeting the correct contact don't ask me why this is you figure all bulbs of the same size would be the same but they're not. Try different bowl and see if that works or making sure the power is off all the way pull the little tab up from the bottom of the socket a little bit , Then tried again if it still doesn't work I will change it like it is possibly a wire burned as the word very small you could be a fuse built into the connection it could be an electronic issue with the little circuit board inside like it was something like I don't know it's not worth investigating after that point you're better off buying a new like it just make sure you have power going to the light kit wires, if you do not have power when you check all the other connections might be worth your time and energy to replace the fan altogether less of course you don't have power going to the ceiling box, if this is the case is not your found it all back to check in the wiring in the ceiling box and at the light switch in the wire leading to the light switch.I hope this is been helpful it really is pretty much all you can do if you have what's called voltage tester, wiggies, fir the slang electricians lingo, then all you are doing is texting for 110 115 volts ac. No settings, just touch two leads one to hot or power and the other to ground. If you have an apropriate ground, you will bet a buzzing sound and a light on tester and a visual readout of voltage. Then you must also check the hot and the common , sometimes the common will not be. Connected and you will. It get a reading. In that case you must check your ceiling Bo'x to ensure all your whites are connected together in one wire nut, securely ! Repeat this for the light switch box as well. That is on
You will find your answer somewhere in the information I provided you whether it be a loose hotwire or replacing the fan.
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Expert:  HIC-Expert replied 11 months ago.
When you were changing it and the light was turned on when you were changing it? How did it blow we were changin when you were changing it and the light was turned on when you were changing it? How did it blow? Did it physically short because we could've burned the switch in the fan pull chain. Try replacing a poul try replacing the pull chain