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Martin, Electrical Engineer
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Would you buy a hose with raccoons which was there time´.

Customer Question

Would you buy a hose with raccoons which was there for unknown time´.
The house was empty for 20 years. How would you cleane the top of the cockloft.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  Martin replied 1 year ago.

Hi. There is a lot of cleaning to do and often a lot of insulation to replace but that is not much a problem if you deduct this from the purchase price. The bigger problem is is the house suffered water infiltration or is squirrels followed as they chan chew on electrical wires in place you can't see, like in the walls so you must count that in the repair also. Cleaning the area where the raccons where require mask and you must disturb the less possible any dejection they made. You often need to remove insulation and any material that can't be scaped until clean. If also need to be desinfected with cleaning agents. Bats may be present also. Pipe may have frozen depending of the area where the house is. Frost damage may have cracked the foundation and tree roots may have increased those damage. If the roof was asphalt shingle, it is probably on brorrowed time now (it last 25 year max). If nobody ever removed snow cover on the roof for 20 year i would inspect the roof structure (again if the house is in a snowy area).

So should you buy it. Lot of work, but if this is only what you can afford and the price is very low, you might. Some old forclosure house sell for $1 for a reason, sometime the work to do cost more than a brandnew house. We should sometime watch "the money pit" with ***** *****ks to remind us of the trouble that can be involved. Make sure you have someone of trust that know about building inspect the house before you commit to it.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I found this web site when I was looking for veterinarian advise. I expect the professional answer how to clean the spot.
How cats can be protected by cleaning the spot. What disinfecting agents and how to clean. How to remove he raccoons.
I do not expect the electrical engineer to answer the question. Question about buying a hose with raccoon's was asked to know the potential risks to be infected by cleaning the place.
Expert:  Martin replied 1 year ago.

I know raccoon very well, beleive me. the way you initially asked the question was like a yay or nay on buying a specific house. If you are already decided on buying it i can help you with that. I would need to know a few things: Are you in a rural or urban area. Do you know the area where the raccon got access (unlike rats, they will not be able to enter everywhere unless windows got broken). Do you know by where they enter?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Would it be possible change the expert. As I mention I have the questions how to clean the space from roccones and their debris, since they are transmitters ( through urine and fecalies )of at list 4 common dangerose deseases. We have baby and cats, so theirs health is oure concern. I need detailed step by step description of cleaning process , with the description of tools, type of masks and other supplyes.
Expert:  Martin replied 1 year ago.

I sure can let the place to someone else if you insist but you still have not mentioned the area where the raccon got access in the house. Here is a little guide that show you all what you need:

The key word it to humidify the infected area with water and to use bleach (nothing more than bleach is needed). One thing i would add is to use ear plug and swimming goggle to protect humid area of the body from leptospirosis (it is lot less a problem than with mice urine but still a possibility to make with).

Again, i still don't know if they are still there and all this is of no use until they are removed and any entry blocked (remember i never made a visit of the house you talk about). If you want to make sure if they are still there (they can be very agressive if you corner them in their hidding place) you need a bunch of raccon live traps and place that near possible entry point untill there is enough time passed and no additional one is caught, then you can start the cleaning.