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Looking Window sliding door expertise. (please 't

Customer Question

Looking for Lincoln Window sliding door expertise. (please don't respond with generic information.) I have a Lincoln Sliding patio door that was installed 16 years ago. With the record rains we've been having in Minnesota (it's pouring outside, in the
middle of December) we've not seen this problem until now. The fixed panel is leaking at the top about 6 inches in from the right corner. Water is coming in from between the top of the panel and the brushy(?) strip alongside it. I just pressed on the top of
the panel. The left side does not move. The right side moves in and out. There is a fixed transom window above the door. The top of the transom outside appears well caulked, as do both of the sides. Between the transom and the door on the outside there appears
to be a sort of plastic strip between the two that is tightly in place. I pulled the trim on the inside off and there isn't any water visible between the two there. There doesn't appear to be any integrity issue, other than that the door is loose. HELP!
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  John Contractor replied 1 year ago.


Are You Looking To Replace Or Repair The Door,??



Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi JohnThe door appears to be in fine shape. I just can't figure out how it could possibly get water dripping at the top of the panel, when nothing around it seems to be leaking or there is any area where it appears that it could leak. Even the channel that the top of the door is in, on the other exposed end is dry. I know that water travels in weird ways, but that the transom that sits right on the framing for the door shows no leakage tends to point to "that's impossible."
I'm thinking the only way to find the source would be to remove the door stops, slide the door over and see if I can see where the water is coming from. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, but I don't relish the idea of manhandling a glass door, standing in ice and in freezing rain...Thanks
Expert:  John Contractor replied 1 year ago.

Hello Jim

That's what I was going to suggest to remove the stationary panel and see if the if there might be a screw up there that might have gotten loose are rotted out weatherstripping might be a little thirn after 16 years of either sitting stationary are being used let me know what you going to do either way,, if I can be of any more assistance please let me know



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