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I just moved into a custom home I had built and I have a hump

Customer Question

I just moved into a custom home I had built and I have a hump in the middle of my hardwood floor where a support beam sits. My builder says I just have to live with it because it's not that bad, but I spent ~$1M to have it built and that just doesn't seem right. Plus, I don't know if it will get worse over time. Who do I call to get a qualified second opinion?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  Rick replied 1 year ago.
Since it sounds like your builder is uncooperative and your only recourse may be to sue then your best option would be to call a structural engineer. You want an engineer form a small shop (1 or 2 engineers). They would be the only ones likely to be interested in working for you. A typical consult will usually only cost a few hundred dollars. The weight of an engineer's assessment will carry much more weight in court and may even motivate your builder to fix this without going to court.

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