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I have a Chamberlain garage door opener. The garage door

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I have a Chamberlain garage door opener. The garage door will intermittently reopen after I close it with the remote. neither sensor light is flashing. do you know what the problem might be?
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Can you explain your problem a little more? How far does the door travel down before it reverses and comes back up. And you say the wall button closes the door fine? Do you have to hold the wall button down until the door closes fully?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

it travels all the way down, and no I don't have to hold the button down

Since the door closes fine with the wall button and without having to hold it down, this means that the safety sensors are good and that the motor unit and the wall button are all good.

It really sounds like you have a defective remote. Something inside may be loose, an electrical connection, etc. and that is making the remote think that the button is being pushed again, which opens the door. I think if you replace the remote you will fix the problem. Just make sure you get the correct replacement that is compatible with your opener or you will create new problems.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

what brand of remote do you recommend


There won't be many to choose from and there actually may just be one. I would get your opener's model number and go to a garage door parts online store. You will be asked the model number and the make (Chamberlain) and it will show the available remotes. Typically there is only one that is available. is a good site. You can purchase one there or any other similar website.
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