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Rick, General Contractor
Category: Home Improvement
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I had new gutters installed last year with new downspouts at

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I had new gutters installed last year with new downspouts at locations different from original system. They removed old downspouts but left the original French drain pipe exposed at ground level. Now when there is a heavy rain, like this morning, I have water in the basement at the open French drain locations. How to cap those exposed French drains?

Rick :

Welcome, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will do my best to help you with your issue.

Rick :

Where do the down spouts empty now?

Customer: At the ends of my home pointing out. The original downspouts ended where our original house ended before we added on to both ends. Since then, but I'm not sure how long afterwards it began, water began coming into the house at these 4 corners.
Rick :

So let me see if I have the current picture. You have new downspouts that dump on the ground and you have the old buried drains stubbed up out of the ground with nothing connected. Where are the new down spouts in relation to the old ingroung drains?

Customer: The old downspouts are about 16 feet or so away from where original downspouts were located but there is a French drain pipe just a couple feet away from the new downspout in the ground leading to a small ditch by the road. However water seems to stand there longer than usual any more. I do have the lowest of 4 lots and my neighbor's downspouts are aimed directly towards mine. We're in the country and there are several feet, maybe 50, in between our homes, but I'm really not good at estimating measurements. Our lot sizes are a out 1 1/5 acre but our houses sit pretty much at the same spots, more toward the front of the yard.
Rick :

Ok, it sounds like the downspouts should have been connected to the existing in ground drains. What I suspect is happening it that the water from the down spouts is not draining away from the house like it should. If the grade doesn't slope away from the house and/or the downspouts can't be extended so the water drains away from the house then the downspouts must be connected to the in ground drains. I assume water in the basement was not a problem prior to the new gutter installation

Rick :

If the old system was connected to the in ground drains and you had no water in the basement then capping the in ground drains is not going to solve this problem

Customer: The water isn't coming in where the new downspouts are located, and I do have those rubber mats on the ground under the spouts themselves. The water is coming in where the old downspout was disconnected from the French drain system.
Rick :

Ok, I'll tell you how to plug the in ground drains but it may not solve your problem. You can plug the drain openings with an expanding test plug. This would be my first choice since it will allow you to remove the plug if you find you need to use the drains in the future. You can get one at any plumbing supply house. Be sure you get a plastic one

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Customer: Thanks! I'll give it a shot.
Rick :

You're welcome!

Customer: Thanks! I'll give it a shot.
Customer: Thanks!
Rick :

My pleasure

Customer: Don't know how all those repeats happened. Sorry.
Rick :

No problem

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