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I am planning to paint my garage - how does this work?

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I am planning to paint my garage - how does this work?

Please let me know if there is a better portable sprayer. I want to spray the deck as well.

Good afternoon.

My name's Kel.


This machine is intended for smaller projects.

Say for example painting or finishing furniture.

You'll find it slow going for a garage.

It's not designed to finish horizontal surfaces.

So it won't work for decks.


Unless you have A LOT of other projects I'd recommend going to a rental shop and getting a larger system for the garage --especially an airless unit. You can rent much higher quality equipment and get the work done more quickly to a higher quality.


They could also set you up with equipment for the deck.


When you type, 'how does this work?'

have I answered your question?


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

How about this one. this one has an ez tilt technology.


here is the video - he is doing it for horizontal surface too.



The good news is the video shows it'll work at any angle.

So that'll do all the surfaces you want. Eaves, walls and decks.


The only down side I see is there's no hose to put into a five gallon bucket, so be prepared for the awkwardness of having to reload a lot for larger projects.


If you've never used a sprayer the most important technique is to keep it PARALLEL to the finish surface. The natural tendency is to spray in an arc which will cause it to run from too thick in the middle and too thin at the ends of the pass.


Make sure to thoroughly clean the unit.

It's a paint to run heavy solvent through a partially blocked gun.


What other questions do you have?

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Hello again. This's Kel checking in to see how the painting project's are going. . .

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