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Hi. I have windows where I would like to block any light. I

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Hi. I have windows where I would like to block any light. I have black out curtains, but they do not work 100%.
I wonder what types of blinds or shutters would help me block the clarity and would also be econimical.


My name's Kel.


Given that most windows aren't square and how difficult if not impossible it is to get a light tight fit with shutters or blinds --

the best solution would be a two lines of defense approach.


Use something like Venetian blinds with an inset mount -- that is -- inside the window jambs


a set of curtains --

and here's the key aspect --

that extend well to the sides, above and below the window.


You might try googling 'Alaska summer blackout curtain design'.

With 20 hours summer days most houses have two layers of curtains, so people can get to sleep.


Have I answered your question?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi. Thanks a lot for your assistance. Absolutely helpful.Now let me just ask:

-are the venetian blinds hard to install? Can I do it myself or Id have to get a professional (im not that savy with construction).

-Are the curtains you mentioned black out?
Could you provide me with a link for both items at Lowes or Home Depot?
The blind would be nice to have in oak or white and the curtains I dont know the color yet.
My windows are close to 65x35 inch.

And that would be it. Thanks a lot

If you go to HD's or Lowes website they'll show you how to measure for blinds.


Take the measurements to a store and you can order them.

Have them shipped to your home.


You only need to install two screws to hold each of two clips.

The blinds slide into mounting brackets and there's a small plastic cover that slides into the brackets to hold the blinds in place.

If you follow the instructions you can install them.


You might make it a two step process.

Try the blinds to see if they make the room dark enough.

If the glow around the blinds is bothersome then add curtains.


To my knowledge neither store sells drapes.


Try googling full service paint and decorating stores for your area. They usually sell drapes and curtains.


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I will go to home depot and ask them.

But as far as the curtains go, are they black out?


and for the curtains could you provide me with a link of online stores that sell them?

Thank you so much for the assistance!



You can order direct or make arrangements to have someone come measure, consult and install.

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