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Bed Bugs. Is there a reliable bed bug detector out there? On

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Bed Bugs. Is there a reliable bed bug detector out there? On a site a friend used to get rid of these in his rental, I found these detectors , but they only have one review on amazon and it's not positive. I wanted to get something for my rental property after the current situation is fixed so I can check that (1) verify the bed bugs are gone (orkin is checking but double checking) and (2) if they come back, I know it before it becomes a big problem.
There are others on amazon but don't seem as professional, although some do have good reviews

Welcome to Just Answer!.

The primary problem in this case with reading reviews, is that there are a few dozen different species of bed bugs, and within each species immunity develops to pesticides... and that changes month to month even in the same building.

Heat is the only bullet proof solution and constant testing.

Additionally bed bug habitats vary widely between buildings. So that what chemical treatment that works for some people in their cases will not work in other cases, with different species.

....and with the bugs having developed immune resistance to the pesticides, and with different guests bringing in their own new species from various distant lands etc.

You can use traps and physical inspection to determine if the bed bugs are gone or not...You must however do it on an entire building basis, as they migrate from one room to another by many different means.

This article you found is superb. it offers the best advice you will find...including the comments section regarding thermal pest control (use of 145F heat)

Click here to see the article I am referring to

Ozone treatments, in very high concentrations, using a commercial grade ozonator (cost $1,000 or so at the levels you need and for a dose lasting just one day) will work on a room by room basis if you continually monitor each room and use the ozonator before the migrate to the rest of the building


Look my remarks over, let me know what you think. We can go from there.

I hold questions open after positive ratings to allow for unlimited follow up. Please be patient though. The research & typing take time.

Phil and other Home Improvement Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No rush, but you didn't really address my question...I was just looking for info on detectors. I have done a lot of research on bed bugs already, so if it can be found easily by googling, then I've likely already found that. I did, however, look up what you said about ozone generators and found quite a bit of contrary info that say they do not kill bed bugs. ... . If you read enough in there, a guy tested it and has a youtube video showing it not working.

Hello again,

If I were going to *invent a bed bug detector.

There are several workable approaches that I won't detail here in public. These would all be patentable concepts.


Others are working very promising approaches.



The initial prototype would cost possibly $200,000 or so including development costs , those could be built much more cheaply as both technology and sales volume advanced...


Perhaps you or I can justify spending the time to completely investigate the current state of these approaches and what might be viably on the market at this time.


Let me know what you think, we can go from there.




Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Interesting. Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX the surface seems a bit intricate for what it is, but I'll look closer when I have time and think about it.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

You can just close this question so it's not hanging out there.

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