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I have a kitchen cabinet drawer that is stuck closed, will

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I have a kitchen cabinet drawer that is stuck closed, will not budge. On one side the roller is completely stuck will not move. On the other side, I can roll it with my finger. Also, the support bar which runs down the middle from front to back, is either broken or just disconnected at the front. I have access to the under side of the drawer from both this side and the other side of the kitchen counter but very hard to see up in there what is happening. Is there an easy way to fix this?
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It sounds like the drawer has come off the glides. The best approach is to get inside the cabinet under the drawer. Grab the drawer box and wiggle it out. You may have to fiddle with the glides while you're doing this. The drawer is probably binding up on the glides possibly the guide in the middle may be the worst culprit. If the glides are broken you may need to replace them but if you're lucky it may only require re-attaching the center guide at the front
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Rick, I got the drawer out, repositioned the brace bar, and now it is working. My only question is on the wood brace, it doesn't really attach, it just sits on plastic on either end. Should it attach or screw into something or is this the way it works. It seems to go in and out fine now, but I wonder if that brace will stay.


Your description of your drawer glide system is a bit unusual. Typically you either have glides on both sides of the drawer or one in the middle not both. If you have glides on the sides and they hold the drawer in place then I'd give it a try without the middle guide. The middle guide should be attached somehow. Either the ends are encased by a plastic support and the support is screwed to the cabinet and/or the plastic ends are also screwed to the wood rail. Of course I'm describing the most common types. It's possible you have some odd ball arangement in which case if it doesn't work out I'd need a picture of your config
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