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2 weeks ago we had to have our sewer line under the garage

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2 weeks ago we had to have our sewer line under the garage cement floor replaced so they cut a 4 foot wide trench to remove it and then put a cement patch over it again. It looks like they did a good job but we're thinking we should seal it?? We want to paint the garage floor so it will all be one color again and the 'patch' will disappear.

When should we seal &/or paint the cement floor and if we seal as a separate step and then paint - do we just need to seal the cement patch or the entire garage floor? I'm confused about the timing and products needed.

Rick :

Welcome, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will do my best to help you with your issue

If you want to paint the floor then don't seal it. I'd wait at least 1 month (longer if it's very humid) before painting. As a test to be sure all the water is out of the concrete cover about a 3' area with plastic sheeting and let it sit for 24 to 48 hours. If the underside of the plastic is dry after this time has elapsed it's OK to paint


Thanks. What kind of paint should I use on the cement garage floor and do you recommend the kind that waterproofs it? Or does it need a primer or just plain ol' cement paint?

Rick :

The best option is an epoxy paint. It will stand up to a lot of traffic. If this garage is more just storage with not much traffic then any good masonry floor paint is fine. No primer no sealer for either option


One more question about this please. My husband saw some kind of commercial for Behr paint for cement. I just checked their website and they have epoxy paint but they are also telling you to use a cleaner and etcher product, than a 2 part primer then paint process. Is all of that really necessary for an epoxy paint to work properly or are they just trying to sell more products do you think? It's a 2 car garage that only houses one small car at nite. Seems like a lot of work but I do want it to be right and look good. What's your opinion about this? Thank you!!

Rick :

What ever product you use you must follow the manufacturer's application instructions. Using an etcher is often recommended when the finish on the concrete is very smooth. The use of a primer varies with the product. Yes, epoxy paints are more trouble but they last a very long time when applied properly


Thank you!

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