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Reddy heater will not ignite and having fan problems. Help

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Reddy Heater Pro 110. I have the mentioned model. It does not have many hours on it. Probably under 15 hours. However it is about 8 years old. It was working fine until the kerosene was about 2" high. I just refilled it and it started immediately. After about 6 cycles every 10 minutes or so I turned it back on. All I heard was medium level hum at 60 Hz. The blower did not run. I only left it on for 3 seconds before shutting back off and waiting 5 minutes. Tried again 4 times. Still no air movement or ignition. Is there any component that typically fails in this model? Any trouble shooting tips?


Reddy is made by Desa International, which is no longer in business, but we do service quite a few of these units.
It sounds like your air pump might be binding up.
You can remove the top cover (6 #10 hex head screws - 5/16 wrench) and then plug it in and see if the fan spins. If it does not, then you will need to start by eliminating the air pump - Remove the rear air filter cover (4 #10 screws, 5/16 wrench) and you'll have the cover, the filter, and an inner filter kit (sometimes a small foam element that's the outlet filter) with cork or rubber gasket stapled together. Then you should see 6 more 5/16 hex #10 screws that fasten the air pump cover to the motor - remove those and you'll find the pump rotor and vanes - with a pair of needle nose pliers you can slip the rotor off (take care to note the vanes orientation to the pump, try and keep everything together but the vanes will probably fall out) and then you can again plug in the unit and turn it on, see if the motor runs, if it does not, then you need a new motor (either # 07950503 ($141.05) or 10200130 (No Longer Available) - since in either case it would probably cost more than a new unit. You will probably need to replace it. There are 2 manufacturers that have similar heaters - Dura-heat (World Marketing of America) and Mr. Heater.
However if your motor does then move with the pump rotor out, you may have a binding pump rotor - rotors are easily replaced # PP204, or HA3004 available here for example.
However if your fan runs with the top cover removed, but the unit does not fire up, you may have a leaking air line, or a plugged nozzle, or cracked pump cover - you would need a low pressure gauge (HA1180) and find the pressure specification on a label on the side of the unit and determine if pressures are within specification - adjustment of pressure is done from the plug with the hole drilled in it on the pump cover (there's a check ball and spring behind that plug).

Customer: replied 5 years ago.


I FIXED IT! The problem was that the pump plate was not true flat. I used # 600 sandpaper and made it perfectly flat with the aid of a piece of super true flat aluminum as a backing. I first tried the 6 passes in the figure 8 pattern, but once I tightened the backing plate it would jamb again. Then I trued it up and it turns smoothly. Adjusted the gap to .003". Checked the spark plug. It was WAY WAY too much gap. Set that to correct. Just need to set the pressure somehow.


You are welcome!!!

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