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Contractor quit in middle of job. Said he did not want to

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Contractor quit in middle of job. Said he did not want to loose any more money on the job. Job was draged out for almost 3 months.

I previously wrote the details of the case a few hours ago. I lost contack on screen and could not get back. my question was put to the group.

What can I expect from a contractor who quit a job in anger?

Do you have a written contract/proposal signed by the contractor and yourself? Do you know if the contractor is licensed and bonded? Where are you located?


Dennis (cut2it)

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Yes I have a written contract that ran from 12/07/09 to 01/14/10.


Contractor has a tax ID# XXXXX Do not know if they are licensed or bonded. They did work for the insurance company that recommended them to us.


We are located in Barnegat NJ.


Yes, you do have legal recourse against this contractor. Also the insurance company should be informed of the situation. Your legal recourse will be "breach of contract," and "failure to perform." I suspect the amount involved will be more than what your particular Small Claims Court will allow so you will need to make contact with an attorney. Look over the phone book "commercial pages" carefully and select a lawyer that emphasizes "contract law." In between time you may call in another contractor to finish the job. Any money paid to the new contractor above the original contract price will be recoverable through the court action. There is also the possibility your attorney fee will also be covered. Beginning with this message to Just Answer start keeping a communication log. Write down date/time/person & form of communication for every thing that comes up from when he quit the job until you meet with your lawyer. Also since the insurance company gave you this referral your attorney may be quite interested in that.

Dennis (cut2it)

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