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how do i use electrical box support clips for mounting a ...

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how do i use electrical box support clips for mounting a box in a hollow wall? These clips sort of look like flat "F"
I know exactly what your talking about, they are called "madison straps". What you do is trace the outline of the electrical box on the wall - but not the ears, just trace the box itself. Then you cut the hole in the wall. Insert the box to be sure the hole is big enough and the ears of the box overlap the wall. Then if you look at the straps - one end of the strap is long - that is the side you insert between the box and the wall. Once you get it in there push the top part of the strap behind the wall being sure to leave the protrusioins sticking out. Then firmly pull on the madisson straps to be sure that the top and bottom part are against the wall. Then as your pulling on the strap - fold each of the straps ears over the edge of the box. Do this on both sides. Once you do this take a pair of needle nose and pinch the ends. Your box is done.

Just be sure to insert the wiring into the box first or you will want to bang your head off of the wall. Trust me ....

Now if you need anything further please let me know. Have a great day.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Reply to Joseph's Post: Hello Joseph,
Your answer is good but doing it the way you suggest the box will stick out a little. Isn't that going to cause problems getting the plate to lay flush?
What you need to do is loosen the little screws on the top and bottom of the box. These screws hold the ears on the box. Then move the ears forward just enough so they stick out in from of the box. Then when you put the box in the wall, it goes into the wall without sticking out. Now that 1/8th of an inch that does stick out, will not matter. The outlet cover will cover it without a problem.

I hope this was clear - If not let me know and ill try and clear it up. Thanks.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Reply to Joseph's Post: The boxes I use don't have those moveable ears. But I would imagine that I could also just indent the drywall slightly with box cutter. Thanks for your help.
If you have a plastic box or the metal box does not have moveable ears - then you just need to open up or round out the edges of the drywall just a little bit so it can recess all the way in for the ears of the box to grab.