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Mr. Mike
Mr. Mike, Civil Engineer
Category: Home Improvement
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i want to write some names in some wet concrete how ...

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i want to write some names in some wet concrete how much time do i have once it is poured. its cool out side, in the shade and fairly deep.
As a civil engineer who has done this at different times in my life with my grandfather, then my dad, then my son... I consider myself a true expert in this matter.

You have about 60-90 minutes, depending on the concrete mix and the water content. If you wait much longer after that, as you "write" with a sharp implement, the concrete starts to get grainy. If you think you are going to have to wait much longer than 90 minutes, bring some water in a pail with you when you write. Once the inscription is complete you can repair some of the "grainy" crumbling of the concrete around the writing. Use a flat butter knife and a little bit of water and you can smooth out the edges fairly well.

After more than about 2-1/2 hours getting a good "edge" on your lettering will be more difficult.

Enjoy! My son and I still go back to our old neighborhood to see his name and handprint in the street in front of our old house.
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