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I have rust stains in my toilet. what causes this and how ...

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I have rust stains in my toilet. what causes this and how can I correct this problem ?
Hello, This is usually caused by iron in your water. Fast remedies for the toilet bowl and tank are to use any one of numerous products available for this. Products such as, The Works, Zud, and Iron Out are some.
You may want to invest in a water filter for your home. Have an independent water testing company come to your home and take water samples and they will be able to tell you what type of problems there may be with your water. I have a very heavy concentration of iron in my well water and I use these products for my toilets. I also have a water filter used for the drinking water.
Hope This Helps - Hammerhead
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Hammerhead's Post: I am not on a well,and have not had this problem with other houses on town water. Could the source of the rust be from my plumbing? My house is about 25 years old and seems to be all copper pipe.
Hello, If you are saying that your neighbors don't have the same problem, you could could come to the conclusion that the "rust" is coming from your copper pipes. The products I mentioned earlier should take care of the toilet bowls and tanks. You will have to use these on a regular bases to keep them clean. There is no other way to correct the problem, (providing it's not coming from the towns water supply), except for changing all of your pipes to PVC. I still believe that a water filter will help. They can be purchased at Lowe's, Home Depot, etc. A Plummer or Handyman can install them very easily, Unless of course you are handy, then by all means you could do it yourself.
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