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Kenmore water softner

Customer Question

My kenmore water softner ultrsoft 200 list an error code 3, sears want $100.00 just to come tell me what this is.
does anyone know what this code means?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  NancyH replied 11 years ago.
I found this owners manual online for you customer-assist/manuals/625.388160.pdf its in Adobe format
which means you will need the adobe reader on your PC if you do not have it - its a free download available from many sites (ask here if you don't have it and I'll find one for you)
Looking at it I think the guide is for earlier models 100 and 150.
In the guide it says that error code three indicates from most to least likely problems these possible conditions
motor inoperative / wiring harness or connection to switch / position switch / valve defect causing high torque
also gave this phone number for telephone assistance Kenmore Water Line assistance 1-800-426-9345 M-F 7 AM to 8 PM CST
if you go to the site index on this site it has manuals for all the products but you need more of a number code than 200 to pinpoint the product
Hope this helps you!

Went back and found the 200 model for you and the error codes meant the same thing as on above models but if you want to try and work on this yourself you may want to pull up the PDF Adobe file and print it out as it has all the parts diagrams etc in it for the repair person to use (or you). Just select it from the above listed manuals page.