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outdoor cement

Customer Question

we have a garage that is attatched to the house . The top is cement and is also a walk out deck. the problem is that the top is craking and leeking into the garage what can we use to fix it? Right now we scrape it out and caulk it every year. but is there a paint that epoxy paint that can with stand the cold Michigan winters????
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  NancyH replied 11 years ago.
The problem with cement cracks is if you live in an area where it freezes any moisture that gets in the crack is going to make the crack get bigger. Unless the cement is sealed/treated so that no moisture can get in the cracks will get wet even with caulking in them.
If the crack was caused by differences in expansion rates of the surface supporting the cement any new surfacing could also crack. If it was initially caused by settling that has ended you may be able to put another coat of cement over the whole surface and seal that entire top layer with a waterproofing material to stop the cracking problem. They make some you add while the cement is wet.
There are also commercial products such as DURA-SEAL® cement modifier/cementitious mortar flooring that can seal and water proof cement surfaces.
This site has info on several products
Your best bet might be to see if anyone in your area repairs cement swimming pools and see what they suggest. I would expect them to be experts in fixing cement cracks so there are no leaks.
Hope this helps you!