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Andy Lambert, Building Inspector
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Customer Question

I have a Frigidaire gas range model#FGF316ASA and when I turn the oven on the igniter turns bright red but the oven does not light, I check the line an gas reaches up to the safty valve and I guess it stop there, what could be stopping gas from burning?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  Joseph Barcus replied 11 years ago.
im going to say thermo, or eye not seeing the inighter.
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Joseph Barcus's Post: The stove lights up on top but not oven, their is not to many peices to trobleshoot, what i are you talking about
Expert:  Andy Lambert replied 11 years ago.

It seems that these stoves have a thermostat problem. Read the following complaint from a Frigidaire stove owner:

"Frigidaire gas range - changed in less than a month due to a malfunctioning clock and the thermostat constantly malfunctioning"


"Frigidaire free standing gas range is a poor product!"

"Most appliances seem to last at least 10 years, but not in the case of my Frigidaire gas range. I first purchased it 4 years ago for $500. The first one had to be changed in less than a month due to a malfunctioning clock and the thermostat constantly malfunctioning. I had the new one and it worked fine until the warranty expired. Again the thermostat was malfunctioning so FOOD IN THE OVEN WAS NOT COOKING PROPERLY. (This oven had extremely light use as well)."

"This happened three times at a cost of $129 per incident. Frigidaire foot the bill for the thermostat one ($50) But refused to pay labor ($67.50). Well after presenting my friends with a half cooked chicken after 90+ minutes in a 375 Degree oven the other evening I had enough. I ordered pizza while the chicken baked another 45 min. to finish cooking it."

"I called Frigidaire the next day. No help from them unless I call a repair man. I figured I have already spent close to $1000 for a poor quality stove and told them I would not sink anymore funds into it. Last night I went to 4 stores to find a new stove. I talked to two couples out of buying Frigidaire they were interested in. "

"I am sure they will tell their friends and I will keep on doing that every time I walk into a store and see someone contemplating a Frigidaire appliance. Also I will pass this on to any similar website to yours. Oh yeah…Adding insult to injury, you have to call a toll number to complain on top of it!!!"

Based on the author's complaint quoted from a website above, I am willing to bet that you may be having a thermostat problem. If not, you may actually have a spider web in your gas line. Gas pressure is so low that it cannot push a web out of the line and this many times results in a non-ignition problem. Check it out :)

Hope I helped!