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We dont want to move!!!

Customer Question

We want to build or somehow buid on to our existing home because we LOVE the acre & 1/2 it sits upon and the openess all around us. Our neighbor has 4 acres and at one time said he would sell part of it to us. I DO NOT want to move from here!!! I would just like to know if we would be better off building on or building a whole new house on part of our property.
Any advice you could give would be SO MUCH appreciated!!!
Carla Andrick [email protected]
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  Marty replied 11 years ago.

You obviously LOVE where you are !!

The first question to ask yourself is: do you WANT or NEED more space.
If you just WANT more space a simple remodel / small addition might "do
the trick". If you NEED more space, you would have to decide what the
use of the new space(s) would be.

Usually, you can add a second floor for less than an addition. There is
no footer required to go "up", but you are confined to the first floor
layout (exterior walls)If you are looking for a MAJOR overhaul, I would
suggest consulting with an architect, who could give you some good
ideas and determine what goals need to be achieved.They can usually
give you an approximate cost and are familiar with local building codes
to ensure you can build what you want.

Best of luck on your project !!


Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Marty's Post: My problem is that I need single story living. I have MS and am having increased difficulty getting around (stairs, etc.) Therefore, I would love to add on to the main floor of our home as it is. Then I think of all the "wasted space" that there will be when both kids are gone, which won't be long and I don't know what we should do.
Any 2-story houses that have added on to the main floor have looked somewhat awkward.
Expert:  Steve -- a.k.a. Oreport replied 11 years ago.
With your disability, one benefit you may have if you 'add on' (as
opposed to building a new house) is that there may be Federal And/or
State tax breaks and/or grants or low-interest loans available for
safety and/or accessibility as it relates providing for both your
current and future limitations.

With this in mind, I suggest that you contact the Illinois Assistive Technology Program
for advice and assistance on building new and remodeling/add-on
technical accessibility assistance as well as the financial aspects
mentioned above.

Let me know if you need more input. If not, thanks for the
opportunity to assist you... I would really appreciate your honoring my
efforts by 'pushing the button' and Accepting this answer. Adding
a bonus -- should you wish to do so -- is always warmly welcomed.

Good Luck!


Expert:  Marty replied 11 years ago.
What type of "space" are you looking for ?? By that, I mean,
what would be the use of the new space you would like?? Do you need
more living space?( a place to hang around in), a bigger kitchen?, More
sleeping rooms?, a bigger bedroom?? The first thing you need to do is
to define your NEEDS, then we can discuss the WANTS.!!