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Second opinion] - Had sex with condom and received oral sex

Customer Question

Second opinion] - Had sex with condom and received oral sex without condom on 7 sep. Started having sore troat, runny nose by 27 September that is after 20 days. No fever. Is it signs of HIV.
I read from Internet that sore troat 3 weeks after sex may be sign of hiv. I m a 34 year old male who is very much committed to family. It's just once tht moment I went out of control. Oral sex lasted little but virginal sex with condom may be lasted 20 to 30 seconds only. It's just once in life I ever had it.
Yesterday night i started having mouth ulcers. I think now i have 2 on my both cheeks.Is there any relation with this. Runny nose has stopped only a small blockage in nose but still sore throat is there but pain has reduced not fully gone, still i can see white patched on tonsil, even few hours before its there. today is my last day of antibiotic. Sorry may be i am talking like a kid. Its my anxiety and fear makes me to go through internet detail.
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: HIV and AIDS
Expert:  Dr. khagihara replied 8 months ago.

It is less possible that you got HIV from oral sex. But you should have a HIV RNA test. Since it is very sensitive, it might cause a false positive result. If it is negative, you don't have it.