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I am a male who over 2 years ago did oral sex on a girl. I

Customer Question

I am a male who over 2 years ago did oral sex on a girl. I was pretty sick after a week. It started with nausea and glands hurt all over. Under arms,chest,groin and back of neck and had nausea which lasted over a month. After a couple of weeks the palms of my hands had red spot rash.I did all kind of test. They did not find anything. I had done a hiv dna, rna and virus load test with 4th generation test and hiv 1&2 antibody test all negative.I did the test every six months for 2 years My cd4s were in the 600's but they have been going up. as the cd4's are going up the cd8's have passed them. last test 4/22/2016
was cd4 944 cd 4 helper and pos lymth 33.7 cd8 suppressor 1047 high cd8 pos lymph 37.4 high cd4/cd8 ratio 0.90 low. a month after the exposure 3/18/2014 the ratio was 1.10 then 2 months later 5/22/2014 ratio was 0 .95 then 9/19/2014 it was 0.88. then 1/21/2015 it was 1.12 6/9/2015 was 0.91 10/2/2015 0.90 and 4/22/2016 0.90. i have never felt right since that day. Glands hurt every so often when they swell. help
Submitted: 2 months ago.
Category: HIV and AIDS
Expert:  Dr. David replied 2 months ago.

This Dr. David

it sounds like you have been HIV negative

common viral infections, mononucleosis, epstein barr virus can cause tender glands and fatigue.

cd4/8 ratios can normally change over time and are not signs for HIV.

your HIV tests have all been negative.

have you been tested for mononucleosis viral infection?

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