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I have ben v+ from a number of years prior to the

Customer Question

I have ben hiv+ from a number of years prior to the introduction of the first antibody test for HIV in 1988.I believe it is referred to as the western blot.Anyway when i went to my first INFECTIOUS DISEASE specialist, whose name was given to me from the doctor who referred me to a blood collection facility to have my blood tested in the first place.I was very surprised at the way this doctor[ in CORAL GABLES , Fl.] introduced herself to me.Rather than accepting my handshake and at the same time introducing myself as LAWRENCE GOLDMAN , she first told me the following statement '' YOU NEED TO BE PREPARED TO HAVE ALL YOUR THINGS IN ORDER AS IT IS LIKELY THAT YOU WILL EXPIRE IN THE NEXT 45 TO 60 DAYS.'' She then continued with an exchange of names along with accepting my handshake.At the time i never considered asking her WHY or WHO is responsible for the pre-introductory statement that was obviously not something that any person would use as a PREQUEL to an introduction with a patient , without some sort of regulatory entity insisting on making the volatile statement concerring my potential expiration date.I later discovered from this doctor's
P. A. that by the time the practice that consisted at the outset of it's existence as treating exclusively HIV+ patients.Was previously an internal medicine practice.Also consisting of a sole practicioner , who converted from an INTERNIST to an INFECTIOUS DISEASE specialist.WAS NOW MERGING WITH ANOTHER PRACTICE , where the doctor also was the sole doctor for a practice , that prior to the 1998 HIV antibody test being available was an internist who switched specialties to INFECTIOUS DISEASE SPECIALIST. The long and short is that this P A when asked by me just prior to the merging of the office's ''How many patients did the practice have once it became fairly stable in regards ***** ***** number of patients that was considered to be a reflection of the size of the practice.300 was the number that she gave me.When i then asked how many of those 300 were still ''THRIVING''.The number was 3.Which as you can imagine was something of a shock. .The statement concerning the expected expiration between 45 and 60 days given to me on my first visit was now being considered by myself back in 1991 as being not so out of place given the reality that took place between 1988 and 1991. My question is concerning that original statement about the potential expiration date by my way of thinking was likely borne out of some regulatory oversight .By possibly the C D C in ATLANTA., GA. Or the N I H in BETHESDA, MD.
I have a need to know just who and along with the answer of the '' WHO '' comes ''WHY'' make such a statement. But the WHY is a question for a different time.At this moment it is very important to me to find out ''WHO'' requested my doctor to make such a statement.
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: HIV and AIDS
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Expert:  DocPhilMD replied 9 months ago.

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