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terrified, unprotected sex

Resolved Question:

was dating a man and on January 14th we had unprotected sex, however he did not ejaculate in me, but on January 18th we did it again and he did ejaculate in me. I don't know of his HIV status, i'm pretty sure he's clean, but then again you never know. Then on January 20th I saw him and he had a swollen chin more along the jaw line and he said, that always happens to him and he takes medication for it, and that it usually happens when his under stress. Then on January 25th I saw him again and he had this rash which didnt look bumpy or raised, it looked as if it was under the skin. I believe it spread mosty over his entire body and it was very itchy and red, and everytime he scratched it became worse. It looked like the stripes on a tiger. He also got a fever and he lost his appetite. The Dr said it was a chemical reaction due to the anti-inflamatory meds he had taken for the swelling in his face. The rash lasted less then a week. On January 25th i had a sore or strep throat, I'm mot really sure, but i was very hard to swallow, my ears hurt, my tonsils were big, and white, and i had a fever, after taking antibiotics it was gone in about 3 days. I was tested for HIV 73 days after January 18th(the time he ejaculated in me), the test came back negative(blood test). I know conclusive test are at 12 weeks/84 days, but im still scared that if i test again it might have turned positive. I'm sorry my story is really long as there are two parts to it. Now I have a boyfriend and the first time we had intercourse was i beleive the 3rd week of february. We always use condoms, however sometime in mid march or mid april the condom broke, however it was very brief and twice in april we didnt use a condom, both times it was for like 3-5 min and he did not ejaculate in me. I got a cold I think it was at the end of March, I had a runny nose and a cough. However the cough lasted about 2 months and i had flem, but towards the end it became dry and everytime i laughed it caused me to laugh( my son had croup the week before, my boyfriend also had a cold and my mom also got the same cold and prolonged cough, if this helps. After thinking about having unprotected sex with 2 men, i became very anxious and started worrying about HIV. My boyfriend says hes clean, and that he checks himself every six months and that we can both go get tested anytime i desire. Last detail. On the 10th of April after having unprotected sex twice with my boyfriend i felt like I had a UTI ( i get them alot ever since a child). I went to the ER and the nurse said that i had a slight UTI, however the Dr then said that i didn't and he didnt give me antibiotics. I was peeing frequently and my lower back hurt alot. Then starting mid May till the first week of June I took antibiotics, and I felt better and the back pain went away. (I didnt take the antibiotics correctly). Now 2 weeks ago my back pain started again. It's really bad and it hurts when i bend over, and when i sneeze or cough it hurts and if i press on my back, near the love handles it hurts. The pain also radiates to my buttocks and either to one of the back of my legs. Also a few months back i noticed my hands and feet feel itchy and leathery and it becomes dry and the peals. I know, I have many concerns, but please help me. I've never had an STD and now i'm terrified because of my stupid actions lately. I'm testing myself again on the 15th, however i'm very stressed and i need the opinion of a doctor.


1. can my 73 days after the january 18th exposure hiv test still turn positive?

2. Are the first guys' swollen cheek and rash ARS symptoms?

3. Is my 2 month cough ARS related.

4.Is the back pain related to a UTI or kidney problems, or can ARS cause this prolonged back pain (joint pain as one of the ARS symptoms)

5.Does the UTI or frequent peeing mean i can have contracted HIV. ( I have a bad habit of holding my pee a lot and waiting long prds of time to pee, can this be the cause for the frequent or bodersome peeing and the back pain?)

6.Are the itchy pamd and feet related to ARS?


Please help me i'm terrified, I will get tested again soon..



Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: HIV and AIDS
Expert:  TheBugDoctor replied 5 years ago.



Yes, those are a lot of questions.

I will try to go through them to calm you down.


1)The HIV antibody test you had 73 days post (early) exposure is pretty accurate to rule out HIV- over 95% of cases would be expected to be positive by them , in people who become infected. But we do advise repeating at 3 months just to be more positive. I would repeat again at 3 months. That will tell you, and calm your anxiety.


2)The guy's rash may well just be a skin reaction to his medication , or acne/ eczema, like he said. Given your worry about HIV, the only thing I would advise you is to be re-tested as noted above in #1.


3)Your cough, without any other evidence of primary HIV is unlikely to be acute retroviral syndrome


4) Your pain is likely from a UTI. Or a back problem. Or a muscular problem....


5) UTI means you got a UTI- it is a bacterial infection that frequently develeops after sex. It has nothing to do with HIV.


6) Hand and feet being itchy for a few months is unlikely to have anything to do with HIV. It may be dry skin, or related to the weather, or eczema...


Good luck.


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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thank you so much for your reply


So, my cough is most likely, not from HIV? That's whats really worrying me, the cough that I had for about 2 months. What do you mean, that my cough without any other evidence of HIV is unlikely? It first started as a cold with runny nose and a cough with flem, and then it just stood for 2 months the cough.


And also the back pain, i'ts really bad and I've had it since April and it comes and goes, I was afraid that it was joint pain as explained in the Ars symptoms. Can you clarify for me how is the joint pain from HIV.


Thank again, i just needed some clarifications.


Expert:  TheBugDoctor replied 5 years ago.

Your cough is likely a virus, or bronchitis, that people get all the time...

You describe a typical viral upper respiratory illness- the common cold....

Some people have a could that continues after a virus for weeks. It causes an airway hyperactivity or even a form of asthma.

Not every cough is a concern for HIV.


Your back pain as well is unlikely to be anything related to HIV- it is likely muscular, or even a spine problem.


You should be re-retested at 3 months. But nothing you have posted is strongly suggestive of HIV.


Good luck.


Always ask if you need clarification/more information.

If I have answered your question, please click the ACCEPT button so I can get credit for my work.
POSITIVE feedback & a BONUS are warmly appreciated.
Please note that answers are for information only, do not take the place of an IN PERSON assessment by your doctor,
and does not establish a patient-physician relationship.

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