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i am working on a 2005 kenworth. the power steering binds

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i am working on a 2005 kenworth. the power steering binds when you initially try to turn to the left. it only does it for a second or so and then you can turn easily to the left to your axle stops. we have replaced power steering pump, hoses, filter, fluid and gear box. replaced spring bushings on left spring. disaasembled the steering linkage goind to the steering wheel and lubed everything. kinp pins and tie rods have no play. if we disconnect tie rod from left tire problem still exists. if you jack the truck up there is no resistance with or without the engine running.
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The big issue with KW is the spring pins bind which will cause your problem,jack up with bottle jack in between the spring and the frame to remove weight of of springs,grease pins they get frozen and will cause your problem.
You did not say which modal you have let me know and I will let you know of any other specific problems to look for besides pins and bushings and I will explain how to repair if grease does not work or they won't take grease,very common problem with KW.spanky
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
We already replaced spring bushings and pins on left side. The right hand side seemed good but we will jack it up and grease it.
Ok let me know And what modal KW?
Going home check back in 45 min.spanky
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

model is a t300. jacked up on frame and greased spring bushings. everything took grease fine but still have the initial resistance when turning left

Did you check your steer shaft u-joints and grease they will also cause problem probly even more so then anything else.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Yes we disassembled it at slip yoke cleaned and greased. We also greased the ujoints
They are sometimes hard to check you need to take apart to check they get flat spots were rollers sit because they are stationery going down the road you may not feel any play at all but when you take apart you will find it.
You already checked every other thing that would effect left steering except fifth wheel if fifth wheel is damaged with gouges it will also effect steering but my money is still on steer shaft u-joints take them apart and inspect,You probably already know but there is a snap ring ether on outside of caps or inside off caps and then use a vise with a small nut to push out brg. caps.spanky
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I will disassemble the ujoints and check them. The truck is a bobtail and has no fifth wheel

Thanks Brad, let me know about joints I will try and think of something else but you've changed other normal issues so that is about all that's left.spanky

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Checked ujoints and couldn't find anything wrong but I went ahead and replaced them. Still has bind on initial left turn. Any other ideas. Do the kingpins have thrust bearings. Maybe one of them has a flat spot
Yes they sit just under axle, so the axle sits on top of them, and that is were you shim it also
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I will tear it down in the morning. Have you heard of them causing a problem like this.
Not rely but it is the only thing left.I forgot to ask though since you put on steering box does it pull at all?
And the only other thing would be the axle tilt, but that has not been changed and would cause same problem both ways not just to the left,but if it's pulling then I would recheck pit man arm and make sure its not off a tooth.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
No doesn't pull but have not driven it on highway. It wasn't pulling before either. The steering had locked where it wouldn't turn left while going down the highway. When it got to the shop we couldn't duplicate. Steering was good in both directions. They wanted us to change steering box anyway. After putting new box on it had the problem of locking for a second when turning steering wheel to left. Figured maybe something wrong in new box so we put another on and problem still exists
That doesn't make sense if you had it jacked up with left wheel disconnected you would think it would be better, but you say its not, so does your box have 1 adjustment on one end or two adjustments one on each end?
If it has the single adjustment try backing off a 1/8th"
and see if it's better, if it is then problem in new boxes.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
It only has one adjustment. When I pulled the tie rod off the left wheel so that only the left wheel was turning I had the weight on the wheels. It still had the hard spot when you turn left. If you take the weight off the wheels it turns fine.
It can be the bearing for king pin, try disconnecting drag link and turn wheel by hand and see if you feel bind, if you do then you know for sure, if turns free sounds like the bearing pr-load mite be set to tight in box, they may have the wrong spec or bad set of bearings and races.
I know you replaced two times but if you back off pr- load you will know for sure what it is.spanky
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I'll do that in the morning and let you know what I find
Thanks Brad, I'll think about it over night and if something comes to me I'll let you know. Have a good night spanky
I have never seen a king pin bearing, cause your problem,I have seen the wedge for king pin loose and not seated all the way allowing king pin to turn about 1/16" and bind,and frozen king pins, so double check wedge just take a hammer 3lb and hit end of wedge pin in and see if nut is loose on other side, and take off drag link and tie rod, turn wheel by hand jacked up you should feel if it's binding.
I have also seen excessive play in wheel bearing causing a bind,and one other thing how is pump driven by belt or direct?
If belt, check tension on ps.belt ,and the drive belt that drives ps.pulleys, pulley.
Let me know what you find brad these are the only other things I can think of good luck spanky
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Ps pump is direct. Wedges were both tight. Removed draglink and tie rod and wheel turns freely from stop to stop.
Then seams to me the box is still causing problems, who was the rebuild from, was it a reman from KW?
Also sorry about delay I was at a meeting and now have doctor appointment but will be back in 1and1/2 hours and will be on line the rest of the day spanky
Hey Brad,One other thing you can check I never seen it causing your issue but is possible is in the steering columb is a thrust bearing,all the way on top just under wheel, you can check by removing steering shaft that goes to steering box and use one finger to rotate steering wheel and see if you feel anything like you are saying,there is also a bushing on the bottom of shaft to check.spanky
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i found it and your not going to believe it. when the gear box is mounted to the fram the top side (input shaft side) is actually lower than the bottom. when i pulled the plug out of the bottom it took a while for the oil to start coming out. air had gotten trapped in and couldn't work its way out since that was the highest part of the gear box. got the air out and it started working. thanks for the ideas and suggestions.

You welcome but did it not come with oil? you would think they greased the parts that need oil for the time it sits at least I do when I rebuild something.Dam cheap foreign parts.I thought it was box all along that is why I kept telling you to back off adjuster to verify,but I'm happy to hear it's fixed and you did not have to do king pins that's a back breaker.
Next time ask for me rite away and I can respond asap.Been nice talking with you talk later spanky