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Replacing N14 Cummins in-frame removing rod bearings

Customer Question

When replacing the main bearings and road bearing in a N14 Cummins in-frame which is the correct procedure for removing the main and rod bearings?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Heavy Equipment
Expert:  Wayne replied 5 years ago.
The correct way, is do the mains, and plastic gauge each one.
You can pick this up at any Auto parts store, ask for the green, not RED
tear off a small piece. Lay in the bottom half of the shell, torque to specs,
remove then measure it with gauge on paper in came in, get 2 packs 2 bucks ea.
Then do your rods, and same thing measure the gauge. What happens when you torque it down, it will smash the wax, and this will give you your oil clearance?
Expert:  DR.Cummins replied 5 years ago.
Welcome to JustAnswer!
Loosen the connecting rod cap screws.
Do not remove the cap screws.
Hit the connecting rod cap screws with a rubber hammer to loosen the rod caps from the dowels.
To install:
The rod cap alpha characters must match the alpha characters on the connecting rod and must be installed with the characters aligned to prevent damage to the connecting rods and crankshaft. The locking tang of the connecting rod cap must be toward the camshaft side of the cylinder block.
Torque Value: 278 n.m [205 ft-lb]
To remove the upper main bearing shell, install the main bearing roll out tool, Part Number (###) ###-####into the oil hole of the main bearing journal. Or you can tap out the old bearing with this screw driver and remove with a heel bar.
To install
The upper main bearing shells have a groove and an oil hole to provide crankshaft lubrication. The lower main bearing shells do not have grooves or holes. The groove for the number 7 shell is not in the center of the shell. The wider part of the number 7 shell must be installed toward the flywheel end of the cylinder block.
Torque to 255 ft lbs
Expert:  Wayne replied 5 years ago.
Do not forget to use the Plastic gauge to check for oil clearance.
I would never suggest a steel screw driver to remove bearing shell.
This could cause Damage to crank, gouge or mar the crank journal, and then you have big problems, use a flat piece of aluminum stock.