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Category: Heavy Equipment
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Experience:  35 years experience journeyman mechanic transport truck and trailer including off road equipment
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Kubota..I use the shuttle shift F. to R. it hesitates..engages..clutch

Resolved Question:

I have a Kubota M7040 with about 700 hours. Problem has been that when I use the shuttle shift F. to R. it hesitates for more than a few seconds before it engages, especially when I clutch it. It is out of warranty because of its age. Took it to the dealer and after a lot of diagnosing I was told they would have to split it to find the problem which I was very suspicious of. Just got the tractor back and is working fine but the bill came to about $2500.00 and the factory rep. will pay $1,380.96 of it. I feel like I am not getting the whole truth here. I suspect that this was a linkage problem all along but can't prove it. Has this model had problems like this all along? Is this the best I can expect? I have had a lot of discussions with the service rep and the dealer and don't know if I should bite it or argue more. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you. John
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Heavy Equipment
Expert:  Don replied 5 years ago.
hi there my name is don
i will try to help you on this
did you get a detailed bill of the work that was done ?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yes I have a detailed bill. I don't see a green button.
Expert:  Don replied 5 years ago.
hi there thanks f or that great information

what on the bill does it say they did

does it udd upto the amount you are looking at
i am presently just asking you questions till i can give you a honest answer for this there is no charge

when i answer your question to your satisfaction then i will press the answer button which will highlight the green button to accept

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Installed the new kit that included the new shift lever/cable, resealed the Hy.shuttle, removed the loader and frames, disassembled the shuttle valve,looked OK,tractor was still not shifting correctly. Split tractor to check for internal problems, clutch pack and components looked fine, found the transfer sleeve in the front cover where the seal rings ride to be rough-not polished, polished up the cover, put machine back together and checked operation, could not get the tractor to hesitate any more. Lever kit 3c291-97030, $60.50 plus freight
Expert:  Don replied 5 years ago.
hi there thanks for that great information

in my oppinion you are correct it was the shift lever but they did split the tractor to check things out
the price is not out of the question since it was labor intensive how ever they should have kept you up to date on things

the 1200.00 you have to pay is again reasonable since the dealer is picking up the bulk of the cost .
if you refute the cost it may hurt you in the future as the dealer did warrenty some of it even though it was not covered

as far as i know this is not a common problem with these machines they are usually dependable

hope this help you
Don and 2 other Heavy Equipment Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

thanks for your opinion. My biggest concern is what happens in the future if this problem happens again. I agree it was labor intensive and we were in constant communication so I am ok with the dealer but a little unsatisfied with Kubota. On the other hand they could have done nothing at all and I would be resposible for the whole damn thing. I taught auto body for 30 years so I know what labor intensive means! I went way out of my way to buy orange hearing what a good tractor they are so I am just a little disappointed.
Expert:  Don replied 5 years ago.
hi there thanks for all your input
it looks like to me that the dealer is there to help you when you need it
and they are gard to find these days

kabota has always been a good tractor my cousin had one for years and it did not let him down
the other thing you could do is as the dealer if there is extended warrenty to cover this problem in the future
i believe that the parts that were installed are covered for one year

you may never have a problem with this again but even rolls royce has a lemon sometimes

i did work for a immplement dealer that sold kabota and only ever remember one or two coming back on warrenty

if i had my choices i would stay with kabota

they also have a good name in the generator field and industrial settings

hope this helps
Expert:  Don replied 5 years ago.
hi there thanks for the accept it was my pleasure to assist you have a great day and happy new year

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