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Category: Heavy Equipment
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Experience:  16 Years working on Cummins Diesel engines,
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Overhead settings on an cummins n14 plus motor 11932429

Resolved Question:

need to set valve settings or overhead settings on an cummins n14 plus motor 11932429
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Heavy Equipment
Expert:  DR.Cummins replied 6 years ago.
hello here are the spec's

All overhead (valve and injector) adjustments must be made when the engine is cold (any stabilized coolant temperature at 60°C [140°F] or below).


Bar Engine in Direction of RotationPulley PositionSet Cylinder
Injector Valve
Advance toB55
Advance toC33
Advance toA66
Advance toB22
Advance toC44


Do not apply crush to the injector timing plunger by further tightening the adjusting screw. Doing so will result in an incorrect injector lash setting and can cause excessive injection train wear.

Tighten the adjusting screw on the injector rocker lever until the timing plunger just touches bottom After bottoming the CELECT Plus injector timing plunger, make certain to back out the adjusting screw two flats (120 degrees) or damage to the injector will result.

Back out the adjusting screw on the injector rocker lever two flats (120 degrees).

Two flats will provide 0.56 mm [0.022 in] lash. The specification is 0.50 to 0.74 mm [0.020 to 0.029 in] lash


Valve Lash Specifications
0.35 mm [0.014 in]0.68 mm [0.027 in]

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
When setting valve lash when on A do you set both intake and exhaust at the same setting?
Expert:  DR.Cummins replied 6 years ago.
Yes as indicated on the chart both valves and injectors get set on the same cylinder