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Solenoid.Battery ok.Power getting to ignition switch..brakes..wheels

Resolved Question:

I have a 4625 model Gehl skidsteer.

I have 2 problems.

I cannot start with ignition key.
All wires at back of instrument panel appear OK.Fuse appears ok.
Can be started at solenoid.
Battery ok.
Power getting to ignition switch at instrument panel.
Wires to starter motor appear to be OK.


The lift and tip hydraulics do not work.The engine revs increase when the floor pedals are pressed. The tip control will lower slightly, but cannot raise.As power to engine increases the arms lower further.In addition after a short distance the forward and reverse movement becomes difficult almost as if full brakes have been applied to the wheels.

I have checked;
Hydraulic oil level-OK
Hydraulic oil filter-OK
Hydraulic oil strainer inside resevoir-OK.
Operator restraint arm up.
Have tried connecting and disconnecting seat/operator switch.
Cannot identify or locate whereabouts of hydraulics solenoid to check.

Any ideas and direction appreciated.

Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Heavy Equipment
Expert:  Andy replied 7 years ago.

I am not sure that I can help you with your second problem .

But for your starter problem, if you have someone to help you , have them turn the key to the start position , hold for a second and release for a second, and continue doing so while you go to the starter area with a test light . Ground the test light somewhere on engine and if you look at the smaller terminals (wires) on the starter, one of them is ground and the other should be the positive signal coming from the key switch being applied in the start position and then released by your assistant. Check with test light to see if there is power at that terminal or not . If you don't see power going on and off there, power is not coming from key switch to get starter to crank . If you don't see any wiring rubbed out or damaged anywhere , your ignition switch is probably gone soft and needs to be replaced . You can also test behind the key switch itself by using a test light again and trying to find a terminal behind the switch that powers up when the switch is at the start position. Good luck and if you need anything else, just message me? Thanks

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