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Category: Heavy Equipment
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Experience:  23 Yrs Diesel Engine Mechanic (A.S.E Truck and Bus, Catapiller Engine,14 U.S. Army generator repair)
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Series 60 ddec 3, 500hp, pulled injectors, cup #4 discolored..seals

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Series 60 ddec 3, 500hp, pulled injectors, cup #4 discolored. Does the copper tube need to be replaced (requiring the head off) or will new fiber washer & seals fix it?

HelloCustomer I'm Dale and will try to assist you. Discoloration doesn't mean much. Now corrosion is a different story (flaking , gel or green corrosion attached to the cups)


What was the reason you pulled all of the injectors? Do you have an injector cup leaking? If so have you (with all the injectors out) , pressurized the cooling system ( 8-psi) and inspect each cup for leakage?


let me know,


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Dale, Have had a radiator over-pressure problem. clean exhaust, no performance issues. stayed cool. Had Freightliner try & diagnose, Bybassed compressor, OK. Isolated bunk heater valve, OK. "Sniff-tested" (chemically) the coolant. At the time, no reaction. Sunday night, shut down for the night and noticed a quart's worth (or so) of coolant on the ground. Turbo @ exhaust side wet, as well as all the joints downstream. Fired back up, Lots of white coolant smelling exhaust that cleared up. Ran it all monday with no change in performance. Monday nite shut down. In the morning, Hydro locked. New six pack of injectors 105k ago. Pulled injectors to inspect for melted coppers. Now I feel the next step is to pull the head, but when that happens, cheap fix just went out the window. Any ideas?

Ok partner, With the engine being hydraulicly locked , It sounds like either you have "PIN HOLES" in the cylinder liners or one or more "INJECTOR CUPs" (like you thought) are cracked or leaking. Now you can have new cups installed without the head being removed. Just takes a trained engine mechanic and some special tools. These guys can be found by asking your local shop who they can refer you to for this process. But you need to be sure they are leaking.

If it is your liners......sorry.....ya got ta remove the head and find out which one is leaking. If you have more than one leaking, I recomend and INFRAME.


hope this helps out,


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
That's the pisser of the whole deal. Inframed 225k ago. Remanned head. Talked to the guy I bought the truck from, and asked him if the new liners had the counterbores cut & he said "No". I think the only way to verify is to crack the head, Yes? Injector cup or liner counterbore, It's going to be expensive. Would you consider at that point a newer model crate motor, or just fresh this one? Thanks for your responses, It is helpful.

Lol.....friend I do understand. I will always recommend "INFRAME" opposed to a "CRATE" motor unless you throw a rod or crack the block.

You can get the head checked and while this being done the tech can ck the liners for pin holes in sides of the cylinder liners as well as check the "LINER PROTRUSION". Also you can possibly get help from the shop (if it was a Detroit Dealer) that did the last inframe by what is called " POLICY". The shop manager can /should work with his warranty department and Detroit to help you cover the cost.


Hope this helps,


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