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International 4700 dt-466e 6+1 trans how to adjust clutch

Resolved Question:

international 4700 dt-466e 6+1 trans how to adjust clutch
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Heavy Equipment
Expert:  Don replied 7 years ago.
hi there my name is don
i will try to help you on this

do you have a inspection plate on the bottom
of you trans mission
how much free play do you have on the clutch peddle
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
there is an insp plate/ there is no free play ,this is a double disk clutch.
Expert:  Don replied 7 years ago.
hi there thanks for that information

here is your process
1. remove the small inspection plate take a light and look up into the inspection hole you will see the clutch pressure plate

2. you should see a bolt or wedge with a bolt (v shaped wedge)

if you do not see this you will have to rotate the pressure plate till you see it this is your adjuster

two ways of doing this

there should be a small hole in the bottom of the bell housing when you look into it you will see the flywheel teeth you can tak a pry bar and insert it and rotate it till the adjuster comes to the bottom

the other way is to have some one bump the engine over with the key switch DO NOT PUT YOUR HANDS OR ANY TOOLS INTHERE WHEN THIS IS BEING DONE

Have them bump it over till the adjuster is at the bottom

then have the person helping you shut off the ignition and remove the keys so that ther is no chance of the vehicle starting

as i am not sure what style of clutch you have in there i will explain both styles

if you have the style with a bolt that is going throug a v shaped wedge then you will have to remove the bolt and the wedge (be careful not to loose the bolt or wedge as it will drop into the bottom of the bell housing and will be almost impossible to retreive it if this happens you might have to get a magnet and if you are lucky you might be able to retreive it if not you woll have to back the transmission out to get at it )

you will have to get a clutch adjusting tool its about 25.00 at napa

it will have a bolt in it and a locking ring
you screw the bolt into the place you removed the bolt and v wedge the bolt size is 3/8 and will require a 9/16 socket and rachet

once you have attached it have your partner depress the clutch peddle all the way to the floor and hold it there

take that clutch adjusting tool you will see little square blocks on the pressure plate put the tool on the left side of the block and rotate the pressure plate

once you have moved two block then have the person release the clutch peddle to see if there is any free play if not you have rotated it the wrong way and you will have to rotate it the other way

you adjust this till you have a minimum of 1 1/2 inches of clutch peddle free play

if it will not allow any free play in either direction then it means that the clutch is done and you will have to replace it

once the clurch is adjusted then you have to make sure that the little blocks are exactely in the middle of where you attached the tool or the bolt hole

remove the tool and insert the v wedgw and install the bolt and make sure it is tight and that the wedge sits flat

once that is done then reinstall the inspection cover and you are good to go

the whole process takes about 1/2 to complete

the other style is the same process but instead of a bolt and v wedge there will be a bolt with a locking collar

i beleaive that the bolt head size is 5/8
you take the socket and rachet and push the collar in so that the bolt can move freely and rotate the adjustment in either direction to you get ehe free play i mention above

once that is done then make sure that the locking collar comes up and locks the bolt in place

if you are not certain of the process any shop can help you and the cost would modst probably be 1 hour labor

i hope this helps you

have a great day
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Expert:  Don replied 7 years ago.
hi there thanks for the accept and great bonus
it was my please to assist you
if you would leave written feed back as well it would be greatly appreciated
thanks again and have a great day