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jim salsgiver
jim salsgiver, Mechanic
Category: Heavy Equipment
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Experience:  13+ years mining and construction equipment repair. Rebuilding hydraulic components. all breaking
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1998 isuzu: diesel truck..highway..pedal and it will bog down even

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i have a 1998 isuzu npr diesel truck and as i drive it on the highway, it bogs down, and when this happens, i can stomp on the pedal and it will bog down even seems to be getting worse.....what can cause this.....
Is there alot of smoke when it bogs down, If so what color is the smoke? Is there a lot smoke when it idles?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
i didnt get a chance to see if there was any smoke.. it was dark when it started tonight....but it does puff out some smoke when it is first cranked, but stops very quickly.....

i just filled up with diesel and on my way home it started bogging off and would bog from 65 to 60 and when i tried to mash the pedal it would bog down to 50... then it would slowly catch back up, and run fine for a bit and then bog down again, when it starts doing this i have a steady pedal....and i say bogg down, but to describe it better, it acts like someone shut off the fuel and cut it back on again a few seconds later.....

I would try changing fuel filters then go from there

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
what causes the symptoms...and possible remidies......the fuel filter was already on my list to change first.. is the fuel filters common to cause this kind of problem

yes filters are a verry common problem personally, when I ever run into power problems fuel and air filters are the first thing I look at. then look for possible fuel leaks because they will cause air to enter the fuel system. or a restricted fuel line. I also would check the speed sensor.

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