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My daughter was on probation fro reckless driving and as a

Customer Question

Good morning, my daughter was on probation fro reckless driving and as a condition of probation does random drug screens. Back in February through April she for a couple months came up positive on initial immunoassay drug screen by the county she is in.
We find it highly impossible as and not as "parental denial" but because the numbers do not make sense fro instance one test came back at 100ng/ml when we found out four day later from her attorney on a Friday evening of the positive test we utilized a first
check home THC test it came back as NEGATIVE? we then took her over to Covenant hospital that Monday morning and had her retest that also came back negative. This was in March then in late April 24th after we were advised of the POSITIVE tests another one
happened at 23.2ng/ml ??? we were already ultra hyper micro managing her. Now the kicker she has been on prescription promethazine 12.5mg for severe GERD we stopped her taking as this was the only "drug per se" she was on. We also did a private GC/MS out of
Red Oak Lab SAMHSA certified in CA on the April positive 23.2 ng/ml this came back at 11ng/ml all other tests by the county never were confirmed not their policy. After we stopped her taking the Promethazine every test afterwards has been NEGATIVE with a 20ng/ml
cutoff. PROBLEM: no one we talk to has any real genuine answers on this some say even on here that of course promethazine is the interferon on initial screens hence a confirmatory is needed but the county lab of course states no our initial tests our infallible
and nothing affects it. " Literally" all the research I have done shows the opposite but NO "expert" will come forward on the issue?? wondering why? when I presented the plethora of articles form reputable website like Medscape WebMD and others. I was told
this is "internet science" not admissible and not really real. I just did one of these on Just Answer same question from a Ann Schuyler N.P. M.S. RN and she says the same thing the internet states that promethazine DOES create false positives and to go to
a MRO at did that no one responds? In need the truth and facts and am willing to pay for an expert, as it is very stressful and frustrating to have lay court people and semi-science people telling me I'm just running into denial as a parent and
my daughter smoking when I know she not.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Health
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Its also important to know that when I presented the 11ng/ml confirmatory test tot he county whom has a cutoff level of 20/ng/ml. They say well then since the 11ng/ml is done by a GC/MS then it only goes to prove further that she was smoking? I asked I thought that 20ng/ml was a cutoff designed to protect people? and they must have a 20/ng/ml cutoff for some reason? Was told by the county lab director well when a confirmatory is done we lower the standard to 5/ng/ml. This seems out of control and what I read is that GC/MS is highly accurate " the gold standard" looking for specific metabolite only but that when other prescription medications when in the system and the readings are so low it too can have interference hence they make cutoffs for a reason. National being 50ng/ml.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
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Expert:  Andy PhD DABT replied 1 year ago.


I think I can help you. Would you be able to send me test result reports, any reports from the probation officer, and test results from the private tests you had done?

Take care,


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
certainly how do I get them to you?
Expert:  Andy PhD DABT replied 1 year ago.

Please sent them to my e-mail address in the private messanger.