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Im 55 and a smoker the last 2or3 months I have a loose cough

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I'm 55 and a smoker the last 2or3 months I have a loose cough and in the morning thru out the day I hardly cough, in the last 5 days I have sore ribs under the breast it hurts to cough or bend down and raise my right arm over my head.
Hi. Are you actually short of breath? Are the ribs actually tender to the touch?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Always short of breath I've been that way for a long time. Yes it hurt to touch the ribs.

OK Sherian. It's possible that all you have is a strained chest muscle, perhaps from the coughing. I've even seen a minor rib fracture from this. That said, it's also possible that you might have pneumonia even if you don't feel that ill or have a high fever. I'd suggest that you see your doctor and get an exam and a chest x-ray just to check this out but if it's just a strained muscle it'll resolve in time
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