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My 9 year old son hurt his left knee while playing in a football

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My 9 year old son hurt his left knee while playing in a football game about 2 weeks ago. I took him to the hospital er. The Dr told him he had a fractured patella. So he was using immobilizer & crutches for about 4 days. His pediatric Dr said it was only a bruised knee. Then I got a second opinion and that Dr said the same thing. But now his knee has swelled up & he has a limp to his walk. He hasn't had football practice nor P.E. at school.

Thanks for providing additional information.
I understand your concern and it's my pleasure to help you in every aspect.

As per your description,with his current condition of knee,you shouldn't ignore his symptoms and further MRI of knee joint should be recommended at this stage to get a clear picture.
The MRI is the ideal imaging modality to evaluate if there is any soft-tissue injury as a result of injury.
Soft tissue including the cartilage that lines your joint surfaces as well as the bursa surrounding the joint.
MRI is the proper test for evaluation of the knee joint. It also give an idea as to the integrity of the bone such as if part of it has lost vascular supply, if it is bruised and can also show "edema" within bone at the site of a bruise, fracture or frank break.
The MRI will determine 1) if he needs a surgical intervention and/or 2) will give an idea to exactly how long he'd need his leg to be immobilized to fully recover.

A consultation from an Orthopedic surgeon should be considered in his case.
Even Physiotherapy can be effective as well.
Continue to give him anti-inflammatory medicine.
Elevate his leg.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks dear.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thank you Dr. Nitika. I will surely ask the doctor for a MRI to be done ASAP. I really appreciate it. Thanks, Barbara
You are most welcome.
Thanks dear.
Good luck.
Onlinedoc and 5 other Health Specialists are ready to help you