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Anthony Bray, MD
Anthony Bray, MD, Doctor
Category: Health
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Experience:  14 years as clinician in the field of Family Practice
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I was asked by my doctors office/RN if you can prescribed

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I was asked by my doctor's office/RN if you can prescribed medication?

Anthony Bray, MD : Hello!

Hello Dr. Bray

Anthony Bray, MD : i am sorry but NO-- we can not prescribe online!! This practice is not supported by the DEA or state medical boards!!
Anthony Bray, MD : you may need to go to an urgent care for the antibiotic that you need...

I didn't think so. I plan on going to urgent care in the morning. I am hoping a doctor can review my test results and prescribed me the Septra. The RN I talked to today also said it looks like a UTI.

Anthony Bray, MD : I'm sorry... I wish that I could help but it is required that we actually SEE patients and document physical exam and tests in chart...
Anthony Bray, MD : it is not proper or legal for us to prescribe online!!

I understand completely. The RN said to ask.

Anthony Bray, MD : Ok --- good luck to you! I hope that you get the antibiotic that you need soon And feel better very soon!
Anthony Bray, MD : best regards XXXXX XXXXX!
Anthony Bray, MD : Anthony Bray MD

Ok. I am thinking about buying a blood sugar machine and a cholesterol machine. Are they accurate?


The ones from Walmart or Walgreens.

Anthony Bray, MD : Over the counter AZO may help discomfort some but is not itself an antibiotic...


Anthony Bray, MD : Vitamin C 500mg twice a day helps to acidifying urine and may help pattern of improvement( less favorable for bacteria) but this also would not qualify as an antibiotic...



The machines I want to buy blood sugar and cholesterol. Are these very accurate?

Anthony Bray, MD : Also recommend push fluids to say 10- 12 eight ounce servings per day...these steps should help and hope then you can get antibiotic within 12 hours or so....

Yes, I will be trying to get the antibiotics tomorrow? We'll see.


I take a 325 mg. Headache relief pill every morning. I wake up with a headache most mornings.


Is it bad to take Acetaminophen 250mg/aspirin 250/caffeine 65 mg.?

Anthony Bray, MD : Blood sugar there are very accurate machines available ( one version double checks itself)?over the counter cholesterol however would seem to be very limited in my opinion! You need HDL/ LDL/ triglyceride breakdown ...

Yes, I drank a lot of water today. Also was told to drink cranberry juice.

Anthony Bray, MD : No that is ok to take... Acetaminophen/ aspirin/ caffeine is very helpful combination for headache...
Anthony Bray, MD : caffeine augments pain relief of the other two...

It comes in one pill. I thought one or two a day might cause damage eventually to my organs, but it is ok? Great!

Anthony Bray, MD : perfectly OK to use these in combination ( exceed rune uses this combination)
Anthony Bray, MD : I do have to wonder as to why you have headache every single morning however!!

I don't know?

Anthony Bray, MD : hypoglycemia ? That could do it -- skip evening meals??

Hypoglycemia? Is this low blood sugar?

Anthony Bray, MD : obstructive sleep apnea could do it... Snoring history and daytime sleepiness may be clues...

I do eat evening meals, most nights.

Anthony Bray, MD : rebound headaches possible if you take very regular pain meds( even Tylenol)

No sleep apnea. No history of snoring. Not sleepy in the morning. I get 6,7 or 8 hours most nights.

Anthony Bray, MD : sinus problems possible....
Anthony Bray, MD : neck problems and bad sleep position would be possible...

No sinus problems. Never have had those problems. I was told I am slightly anemic.


I don't eat red meat, so most of my protein comes from egg whites, tuna, turkey.

Anthony Bray, MD : Ok well I see nothing there that jumps out at me as cause...
Anthony Bray, MD : are headaches throbbing in nature or more steady ache?? Blurred vision??
Anthony Bray, MD : Many other associated symptoms such as nausea??

More throbbing in nature.

Anthony Bray, MD : do you ingest a lot if caffeine during day?? Caffeine withdrawal is possible...

I drink very weak coffee, usually 3 cups throughout the day.

Anthony Bray, MD : Might be frequent migraines then as possible cause.. Nightly Topamax or Elavil or Inderal might serve to prevent majority of them...

I live in New Mexico. Originally from Michigan. Gets so dry here. I am drinking more fluids.

Anthony Bray, MD : it sounds to me that it would be helpful for you to consult a neurologist with interest in headache management...

I use to get bad migraines years ago. I do not get that visual problem, just bad headache in the morning. After I take one aspirin, it goes away.


I will consult a neurologist.

Anthony Bray, MD : Well yes heat stress/ heat exhaustion could certainly lead to headaches especially if you did physical or outside work with much sweating... Still waking up daily with these seems odd for this type headache too...
Anthony Bray, MD : Well it is good that they are readily treated! That is a plus!!

I wasn't drinking enough water, so I am wondering if this could cause it? I am on the computer a lot for my job too.


Thank you for your help tonight. Greatly appreciate it.

Anthony Bray, MD : I agree that follow up with neurologist to check up on that headache pattern would be a good idea for you!!
Anthony Bray, MD : You are very welcome! Take care!!

Ok. Will do. Again, thank you and have a good night.

Anthony Bray, MD : Anthony Bray MD
Anthony Bray, MD : Thanks and you too!!
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