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Hello, My sinuses have been steadily draining for a few

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My sinuses have been steadily draining for a few days accompanied by general fatigue and tiredness. No chills, aches, or fever have been present. Yesterday I began developing a cough that is neither a "hoarse" cough or "croupy" cough. I want to cough forcefully, but I cant as well as some wheezy sounds. Last night my chest became somewhat heavy and tight with burning sensations when I cough. My sinuses were discharging green/red mucus which has happened before and is just old mucus being discharged. However just an hour ago, I began to discharge mucus that has black streaks or defined areas within the mucus. I have never picked up tobacco of any form in my life, and here in Fairbanks, AK, there is no airborne dust this time of year. I am asking about the black mucus as this is the first time in my 35 year old life that I have seen it, other than at the tip of my nostrils when I am not sick. Any information you may have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hi Chris
It sounds like you have bronchitis. This is inflammation of the air passages from a viral infection, allergies etc..
The treatment for this is albuterol (which is prescription), but you can also use a cool mist humidifier tonight before seeing a doctor to help. The black mucus is just particulate matter. I would not be concerned about it. You would be surprised what you breathe and this could be dust, dirt etc. You cannot see this when you breathe, but clumped together it can look black. You are seeing it now more because of the bronchi inflammation and the excess mucus trapping it. Usually you just swallow it (icky I know, but that is how it works)

I really would not worry about it.

I hope this helped.
Please leave positive feedback if it did :-)
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for your helpful and immediate response. I guess you are right. We don't think about all the "stuff" we breathe in until it gets trapped by the excess mucus. I have just never seen it come out before. Again thank you.



I was checking in to see how you were doing :-)