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Anthony Bray, MD
Anthony Bray, MD, Doctor
Category: Health
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Experience:  14 years as clinician in the field of Family Practice
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Hi Dr Bray I am wondering if small doses of benzos (lexotan)

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Hi Dr Bray

I am wondering if small doses of benzos (lexotan) will irritate the stomach. I have been fighting suspected gastritis for the past 3 or 4 weeks (on nexium 40MG) and symptoms are still presenting - lots of burping, gnawing hunger sometime between meals, occasional mild prickly pain that is random, bad bloating after certain meals.

I also suffer from anxiety and this condition has made me very anxious especially since i seem worse on PPIs. I am avoiding spicy foods alcohol etc.

Anthony Bray, MD : Hello !
Anthony Bray, MD : No , I have not known the benzodiazepine class to be a GI irritant but would take the precaution to take with food.
Anthony Bray, MD : Stress itself is known to be a GI irritant and may cause ulcers even ...


Anthony Bray, MD : I hope that your doctor has tested you for h. Pylori bacteria as well.

well i did the breath test but I was already on 40MG nexium then so likelihood of false negative is high


I have been diagnosed back in late 2010 with mild gastritis and a bit of reflux via gastroscopy but no bacteria


but my GI treated me with triple therapy anyway and it went away

Anthony Bray, MD : H. Pylori is common cause if ulcers and if present needs two weeks if double antibiotic treatment...

this time I just went to the GP and he diagnosed me via symptoms alone ... I had a comprehensive blood test everything came back normal including celiac and inflammatory markers?

Anthony Bray, MD : I see... How long have you been on treatment so far this time??

I am just wondering if I need another gastroscopy if nexium is not working. Main symptoms are burping and bloating and sometimes pain (this started only after I had nexium, but also coincidentally after I gave in and ate a tim tam)


just a little past 3 weeks


I struggle with anxiety so I'm not sure if that alone can prevent medication from working


i have had high stress for the past year


in 2010 also a period of super high stress

Anthony Bray, MD : Well you may need further evaluation. Even the Nexium and others in this class do have some potential for GI side effects( ironically) so a trial of Zantac might be considered for one...
Anthony Bray, MD : I agree that the stress factor may need treatment as this could be keeping the stomach flared up...

I am booked in to see a GI in two weeks, but in the meantime I am wondering if nexium worked (with triple therapy) in 2010, is there a reason it won't work? Is it because of my stress levels preventing it from working?

Anthony Bray, MD : you may have had blood test for H. Pylori as part of your testing??

No, just the breath test

Anthony Bray, MD : it could be too that you mainly need more time healing...
Anthony Bray, MD : I hope that you don't smoke as that slows healing and aggravates the stomach too...

well i'm concerned that now i experience random pains too when I didn't before I started nexium and I thought nexium was supposed to make me better, but then my anxiety has been high so ...


I don't smoke, drink alcohol or caffeine usually


even when I'm well

Anthony Bray, MD : avoid coffee and much caffeine as this irritates the GI tract ...
Anthony Bray, MD : of course stay away from alcohol ...
Anthony Bray, MD : Avoid anti-inflammatory meds-- Aleve, Advil,aspirin (Tylenol is OK)

does this still sound like gastritis to you after my descriptions? and if you say it's ok to take the lexotan, I will use it when necessary, I just didn't want it to inflame my stomach anymore if that's the problem ...


and if it is gastritis, how long does it last ??

Anthony Bray, MD : Yes I think most likely that stress and possibly other factors are keeping your stomach more flared up this time...
Anthony Bray, MD : avoid of course hot spicy and acidic foods for next several weeks --- onions, peppers, tomatoes, citrus fruits...
Anthony Bray, MD : I think if you stay on Nexium and take care with diet and treat the anxiety that this will most likely lead to you healing and feeling better!
Anthony Bray, MD : i agree with your planned follow up soon with gastroenterologist ...

Thanks Dr

Anthony Bray, MD : You are very welcome.
Anthony Bray, MD : most often gastritis would heal within four to six weeks if factors are favorable...
Anthony Bray, MD : I hope that this is helpful for you!

well I suppose it makes me a little less stressed to know it can take a long time

Anthony Bray, MD : Let me know if you have further questions!

i was stressing over how long it is taking me and I'm not feeling better especially on treatment. 4 - 6 weeks do you mean this is with medication?

Anthony Bray, MD : I will be happy to get back with you if so!
Anthony Bray, MD : If my answers have been helpful and to your satisfaction then please remember to leave positive feedback. That would be very much appreciated. Thank you and best regards,
Anthony Bray, MD : Anthony Bray MD
Anthony Bray, MD : Yes - with medication. It varies depending on the baseline severity and the conditions and stress on the gastric mucosa....

ok doctor, I will leave a positive feed back now. Thanks

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