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I recently suffered a traumatic injury; broken ribs, fractured

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I recently suffered a traumatic injury; broken ribs, fractured shoulder, collapsed lung, bleeding spleen. Many CT's were done during my stay in ICU for 2 days and then to the trauma unit. It was noted in the many scans that I have Intra and extra hepatic biliary dilitation. My regular Dr. who's speciality is that of internal medicine, said that she feels this "incidental" finding was a result of the trauma I experienced. The hospital Dr. found it cause enough to send my case over to an specialist who wants to do an MR CT and get me in immediately.
Could the biliary dilatation possibly be a result of my trauma? Could this be cancer that we are talking about?
Hi--the scans only showed the biliary dilatation and no masses in the pancreas? Were your liver enzymes elevated?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No mention of the pancreas. It was mentioned that i have sludge in the gallbladder.

I was not told if they tested the liver enzymes.


OK--let me put your mind at rest here. No, this isn't cancer but you need the MR ct and probably will need ERCP--an endoscopy procedure where the common bile duct can be entered where it terminates in the small intestine. You may have a small gall stone there that is blocking the bile from the common duct from entering the intestines and that is causing the biliary dilatation. You may need a sphincterotomy to open up the sphincter of Oddi at the common duct/intestinal border and I would suggest in time you have your gall bladder removed to prevent another stone escaping and possibly causing pancreatitis.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you so much for putting my mind at ease. I thought you'd need to ask me more questions about my injuries. This was pretty simple.

Thank you!

My pleasure but keep in touch and remember to rate my service to you. As for your injuries--it's possible that the accident may have dislodged a stone from your gallbladder
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Can a person have their gall bladder removed as a precautionary measure? If so, how invasive is the procedure and what is the standard recovery time?

I suggest to my patients who either have gallstones or sludge in their gall bladders to have the gall bladder removed as a pre-emptive measure against possible pancreatitis. A laparoscopic cholecystectomy is a same day surgical procedure and most patients can resume all usual activities in three days--that would include work
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