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Ive had fibro, chronic fatigue and chronic pain for 30 some

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I've had fibro, chronic fatigue and chronic pain for 30 some years. My daughter is getting diagnosed with them too. She went to a Missouri pain clinic early and is now getting the treatment and meds she needs. My doctor sent me to a Minnesota pain clinic. They were quite rude, rushed me through, took me off all pain medication, sent me yet again to physical therapy and want to see me in 8 weeks for yet more injections. They won't treat anything but headaches . I was excited about finally getting help and now am so depressed. In my life in has happened too many times. I'm not sure fibro is considered a disease with many components or many components that we call fibro. Guess I can't understand why my daughter got iimmediate help in another state while I can't seem to.
Hi--can I first ask how exactly I might help you with this and then I'd like to know if this was the first time you've been seen by a pain specialist?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Sorry, wasn't very specific. This is the 2nd time I've seen a pain specialist who won't deal with fibro. They want to go about injecting . I know they are working on pain too but none of them wants to talk about fibro complications. My own doc whom I've seen about 30 years only recently seems to believe it and is seeking to alleviate pain with Vicodin and cymbalta. Certainly helps but nothing seems to really be getting at it. Especially severe neck pain. Is there a doctor near me who believes fibro is real and will help me get on the right medications for pain, fatigue and just get me feeling well again? If not, what meds should I be using. Is it wrong to take Vicodin. .
Has anyone tried Lyrica? And where exactly do you live. Also--what are you're thoughts on seeing a homeopathic MD? I'm not talking about a naturopath but a formally trained in homeopathy internal medicine specialist?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
No, I was given a sample a couple of years ago but only took 2 . Felt a little fuzzy but it seemed to loosen my joints. My daughter is on the combination of lyrica and savella. She says it works great. The pain clinic treated me like I was just trying to get drugs when I asked for lyrica. Absolutely would want to try homeopathic. Would like someone who believed in a combination of drugs but with other changes that would make me healthier. I got very anemic at one point and know it was ibs combined with metformin. Oh yes, diabetes too. It's like my immune system is on vacation.
OK--where exactly do you live?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Oops, sorry. Centerville, MN. 55036. Tele(NNN) NNN-NNNN Just in case! Centerville gives me access easily to Wyoming, Mn north to Blaine and area west to white bear, shorview Woodbury around me
Know exactly where that is--I used to live in St Paul and I have occasionally eaten at the Dinner Bell in Lindstrom. Before we go on, though, have you asked your doctor about maybe his prescribing the Lyrica and Savella?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
No, I haven't. I can do that. Know pain center will be sending him info to take me off all drugs. I was thinking about changing to someone a little more proactive and closer but could wait I guess. It just isn't easy to change doctors. He's a good man but any change I've gotten I've brought to him. He lives close but the times I've asked for fibro or pain help, he doesn't refer.
OK Give that a try and you should also consider acupuncture which can be very effective for fibro. Here's a link where you can find a truly qualified homeopathic MD and he or she can work wonders with this condition.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I will. Thank you for the help. Looking at the link for a homeopathic doc too. You've been the most help so far. Glad I got the courage. Won't go back to the other pain clinic either. Just needed some direction and courage to do what I have too. By the way, I know where the Dinner Bell is! Taught for 43 years most of it in this area!
They had fantastic, HUGE onion rings as I recall--Uff da!!! But heaven help me if I ever get anywhere near lutefisk marinated in lye again!!! Glad I could help a little but please keep in touch and let me know how it goes with you.
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