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The weather changes at night and I get stuffy, dizzy, heavy

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The weather changes at night and I get stuffy, dizzy, heavy headed and tired then it starts to get better as the day progresses, then it happens the next day too. This happens this time of year. I live in Colorado so it gets hot during the day then the temperature drops quite a bit at night. I do not understand why the weather would have anything to do with it but it is very consistent. Can someone explain why this occurs and what can be done about it?
Hi--any medical conditions? How's your sleep during this period?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No medical conditions, no hay fever, no allergies that I know of - when everyone says its allergy season, I always feel fine. My sleep when this happens is very good, I get very sleepy when my head is plugged up and i am dizzy.

OK--can you expand on what you mean by heavy headed and stuffy and when you say dizzy is that as in spinning around?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes it is spinning around, sudden movements or laying down makes me dizzy, at the same time I am dizzy, my nose is plugged, if I hold my nose and blow, there is some temp relief and I can "hear" the congestion in my ears. Staying still causes thing to stop spinning but I still feel lousy and tired. Most of the time this condition will last for about 3 days, then seems to move to the front of my head and I get a major sinus headache, then it generally goes away the next day

OK--have you tried any antihistamines or decongestants?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have taken sudafed, clariton and benedryl before but not recently. I did not like sudafed, made me feel hyper, could not sleep. Benedryl and clariton never seemed to do anything

OK. I would refer you both to an ENT and an allergist. I think this is allergy related and you may need both allergy testing and allergy shots if those are warranted. That said, it sounds as though you may also have a problem with a patulous (swollen) Eustachian tube with some inner ear inflammation causing the dizziness. I'd get an MRI to look for that and if that's part of the problem, craniocervical manipulations by a trained osteopath can resolve that part.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX is it triggered by weather? Once the winter starts I don't generally have any of these sinus issues - Is it because there are more allergies when the temp drops at night? Is is because the atmospheric pressure changes as the temp drops or the relative humidity changes? Do the sinus passages constrict as the temp drops or while I am sleeping?


Also, while I am looking for a doctor to help with this, is there anything I can do to narrow it down? Anything I can try at home?

With the weather changes there are also changes in the allergens in the air and that part is not related to the barometric pressure or to the humidity. The Eustachian tube problem could well be related to those things. You could try a saline nasal irrigation system for now but I'd prefer not suggesting antihistamines or decongestants unless they were suggested by one of the two specialists I mentioned since with Eustachian tube problems, those meds might actually make things worse
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