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I was experiencing pain radiating from my hip down my leg to

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I was experiencing pain radiating from my hip down my leg to my ankle. Dr. sent me to physio for months. No help. Was going to give me cortisone shot. I'm not comfortable with that so another doc sent me for two MRIs to establish exactly what the problem is. Results showed what she explained was a degenerative cyst that was affecting a nerve causing the pain. She advised that nothing can be done. This was fine as simple maneuvering of my posture seems to help considerably and over a few months I was virtually pain free. Problem is, after months of pain free I now am experiencing the same thing in my other leg. It is progressing in the same way as the previous episode. I would like to know more about a "degenerative cyst" so I can decide weather to go back to the Dr., or just handle it with Tylenol.
Do you know the exact terminology of degenerative cyst?
Is it synovial cyst?
Any history of trauma,over muscular exertion?
History of Arthritis?
Are you currently taking any medicines?

Thanks dear.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


No exact terminology was used, so I have no more information on that.

I had fallen on stairs a month prior to the beginning of the initial problem, but no further trauma since.

History of Arthritis in the family. I have only had one major flare up and that was in one foot several years ago. Minor aches and pains that are mild compared to those of my sisters.

I take one synthroid daily, and Risedronate once a week.


Thanks for providing additional information.

As per your description,potential differential diagnosis may include Herniated disc,Lumbar radiculopathy,Progressive nature of degenerative cyst over the time.


Synovial cyst develops when facet joints degenerate in the lower lumbar spine and it is common known degenerative cyst however you need to check it in your MRI reports.




Synovial cyst can cause pain (sometimes significant pain) because they irritate of the nerve roots and this cyst may grow in size as the fluid accumulates gradually over the time.


There is really nothing that can stop it from growing.

Sometimes the cyst (near the facet joint) can be drained if it is accessible and at the same time corticosteroid can be injected to reduce inflammation and hence the pain.

Surgical procedure is done if the cyst cannot be easily accessed or there are other factors that make drainage alone sub-optimal.
Surgery can be done by microdecompression and for patients with spine instability, decompression with fusion.

In my opinion,you need to be seen by your doctor again for a clinical examination and further repeat MRI should be done to screen the current condition of cyst and other degenerative changes in the surroundings.

Your pain'll not permanently relieve with Tylenol.

So make an appointment with your doctor in next few days.


Hope this helps.
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