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Dr. German
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i have recently be having dizzy, vertigo like sensations. these

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i have recently be having dizzy, vertigo like sensations. these have started about 4 weeks ago. i suffered a severe back injury on June 1st (degenerative discs) and as i was almost completely recovered when i started suffering a similar injury in my cervical spine (nerve impingement) affecting my neck and left shoulder. All of these health issues cropping up at once had made me a nervous wreck. I do have history of anxiety and depression so this was no help. One day at work I felt a sudden elevator like drop in my head which lasted no more than a second. ( i have had them before, so it was not totally strange to me.) With everything else going on it frightened the hell out of me!
Little by little I started living in fear of having this episode again and as i did this these sensations started. The more I obsessed over them the more they would happen.
The symptoms are as follows:
feeling like i may lose my balance (even though I haven't)
feeling like i am sometimes walking on moving ship..though i,m walking fine
feeling pressure in the back of my head in the neck area
My doctor prescribed Xanax .25 which seems to blunt the the feelings somewhat but not entirely. My anxiety has never manifested itself in this way before so i am concerned. Ironically my neck and shoulder are recovering and my back feels great!
What i am NOT feeling is nauseous or any type of room spinning sensations and I have no problem falling asleep. Can you suggest perhaps any other type of treatment? Thanks
Welcome and thanks for your question I am Dr. German I would be here to help you and give you assistance until you are satisfied, yes ,there are other options. However , the treatment could vary according to what specific factor is producing the dizziness and vertigo like sensations .You should consult an ENT specialist who will able to determine what is the best option for you at this moment .

If there is an increased level of fluids in your ear , Your doctor could prescribe you diuretics to decrease and eliminate those fluids through the urine .

The second option would be using other medications instead of Xanax like Meclizine or Dramamine or receiving corticosteroids for a really short period of time ,this has to be done with your doctor's approval.

The third option would be contact a a Physical Therapist who could teach you techniques and some physical exercises you could do at your own home to decrease the sensitivity of your ear vestibular system to body movements .

The fourth option is performed at your doctor 's office and is called canalith repositioning , your doctor will move your head in certain way , to move some tiny particles from your ear canals where they build up to other ear areas . A main factor that triggers dizziness or vertigo sensations is the accumulation of these deposits in your ear semicircular canals. This helps tremendously and most patients experience great symptom relief after two sessions .

Besides these 4 options , it is important for you to avoid drinking alcohol and caffeinated beverages , reduce your salt consumption and do not smoke.

If you need any additional information I will be happy to continue further and assist you until you are completely satisfied . Good luck to you and have a good day !

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