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I think Im going crazy! I have been a rapper for ten plus

Customer Question

I think I'm going crazy!

I have been a rapper for ten plus years now. I have been constructing rhymes and have always been really good at it. A week ago or so I tried making a makeshift pipe for tobacco out of a plastic pen and tried to smoke it. Instantly, I realized my stupidity as the plastic tip of the pen started on fire, I may have inhaled plastic fumes with the tobacco but I'm not quite certain, the whole ordeal took less than two or three seconds if that.

Is it possible I caused brain damage to an area that is responsible for creating rhymes because I know I don't have dyslexia and I'm still somewhat intelligent. I just feel like the rhymes aren't coming as quick as they used to, they used to always come to me before I slept and now nothing. Do I have writer's block or did I possibly cause some sort of brain damage or is it all in my head? Please give me some sort of relief for my worries. I honestly like I got stupider, did I kill enough brain cells?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Cameron replied 3 years ago.
Welcome back to the website.
No, there is no way you killed enough brain cells to cause issues with your rapping. You would have had to suffer some anoxic damage- like not breathing for several minutes.
As well, there are some toxins in plastic, but not enough to make this difference. People burn trash all of the time, including plastic and inhale some of the fumes.

You likely have a writer's block and you are so worried about this incident that it is making it worse.
You need to relax, take a break and get back into it.

I hope that this helped!
Please leave positive feedback if it did :-)
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hm. So you're sure the toxins in the plastic didn't damage anything specifically? It feels like my memory is eroding. As if I've gotten a lot stupider. Is this me just going crazy?

Expert:  Dr. Cameron replied 3 years ago.
It's not from this exposure

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