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Hello. Can someone tell me about this: I paid over 100 for

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Hello. Can someone tell me about this: I paid over 100 for labwork Medicare said they don't cover. Now I get a bill for 50 from same labwork that Medicare decided they didn't want to pay. I thought this labwork was dead and buried. Lol!Help

kimo31 : Hello. I am sorry to hear about your difficulty.
kimo31 : The best advice I would offer is to contact the billing department where the labs were drawn
kimo31 : Sometimes labs bill for the lab draw separately than the tests performed. Additionally, they may have a discount available if paid in cash as opposed to being paid by your insurance (Medicare)
Customer: No. I'm asking if this is Normal for Medicare to change its mind and say you were undercharged and now owe more. ?
kimo31 : It may be possible, but it is difficult to say. If the bill is from Medicare, have you contacted them directly? It may be a new fee from the lab
Customer: Do any of the experts know? I haven't called Medicare. I asked the hospital to resubmit the bill a few monts back to see why I owed so much and now the hospital is saying Medicare decided I owed more. Please check with the other expert if you don't know. Thanks
kimo31 : I have looked into this further and it appears Medicare does make changes to amounts owed from time to time. One instance of this is when your income level changes they may change your prescription premium. If you have had any changes in income, marital status, etc, or they have reanalyzed your prior services, then that could explain the difference. It really is difficult to answer without viewing the bills, and I do not recommend posting them online. There is a number to appeal the amount. Simply call 1-800-MEDICARE to ask for an explanation and/or appeal.
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