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i have severe hip pain. It is mainly in my right hip but also

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i have severe hip pain. It is mainly in my right hip but also in my left at times. It hurts to walk at times and even to sit, my lower back is in pain too. My pain complaint is that I can't lift my leg more than a few inches off the ground or rotate my hip out at all (such as to sit cross legged) without my hip feeling like it has "popped out of place" I get severe pain and it does not stop until I rotate my hip or move it in a way that it seems to "pop into place" afterwards it is so sore I can't walk on it or put pressure on this for weeks. I don't know what to do, on days when it doesn't "pop out" it is still painful and achy.


History of trauma?

Have you seen a doctor so far?

Any investigations?

Since how long have you been suffering from?

Are you overweight?

Any other medical history?

Are you taking any medications?




Customer: replied 3 years ago.

no recent trauma comes to mind, I have had this pain for about 10 years, it just gets worse every year... I did take a bad fall down some stairs, never got an x ray but after that my hip pain got worse. Also I did do some dance and cheerleading when I was younger


I have seen multiple doctors on this issue, no one takes me seriously say I am too young, they say rest it and take advil and see them if it gets worse. So far I have been told it could be an overuse injury or possibly bursitis.


It may or may not be related but also on my left side I have worsening knee pain (mainly right behind the knee and deep under the knee cap) it is achy and sometimes flares up so it is hard to put pressure on, extending the knee all the way out also causes pain. Also I have very tight calf muscles that constantly ache (both calves), have knots, hurt to touch and generally hurt to walk on most days, however the hip is the main concern.


Also I am hypothyroid from hashimotos and on hormone therapy for that



Thanks for providing more information.

I understand your concern and i strongly advise not ignore your symptoms as such and you may require proper treatment rather than taking pain killers.

In my opinion you need to be seen by your Orthopedist again or neurologist can be considered for a clinical examination and undergo MRI of Lumbosacral spine,Nerve conduction velocity test with EMG to rule out underlying possible causes like Herniated disc,Lumbar radiculopathy,Bursitis,Fibromyalgia,Autoimmune arthritis.

Physical therapy can be effective in your case.

For severe pain,steroid injection,pain patches can be advised.

I suggest you to make an appointment with doctor and advocate yourself regarding your pain.




I hope this helps.

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Thank you.


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thanks I will just have to be more forceful I have been trying to get someone to listen to me for years, is there a way you could recommend to get the attention of a doctor so they will finally do something about this.


Thanks for the follow-up.

Well first investigations like MRI of Lumbosacral spine should be done to determine the underlying possible cause of pain in your case.

And then treatment should be given.

So you should consult your family doctor first and ask for referral to Orthopedist or Neurologist.


Good luck dear.



If you have any further query then feel free to ask.

Bonus and positive feedback are highly appreciated.


Thank you.




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