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About three weeks ago I had surgery on my achilles tendon.

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About three weeks ago I had surgery on my achilles tendon. Well, on Saturday night I started having symptoms of short of breath and a sharp pain in the right side of my back so I went to the ER. At the ER, the doctor did a CT scan with contrast to rule out an embolism, EKG, blood heart rate was fine, oxygen, as well as blood pressure. All test came out clear but even after my visit I'm having shortness of breath and pain in my chest. I asked the ER doctor what else could be causing my symptoms and he proposed that I need to maybe have my GI tract looked at or I had a muscloskeletal problem. I'm just wondering what my next course of action should be because I am in a lot of pain.


Associated nausea,vomiting?



Any previous medical illness?

History of alcohol and smoking?

Associated cough?

Have you undergone chest X-ray?

Which medicines are you currently taking?


Thanks dear.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No nausea or vomiting or fever, no cough

I have what seems like some influx in my stomach which is why I was taking the otc acid reducer.

Only medical illnesses I have are high blood pressure which I take 10mg of lisinopril for.

I underwent a chest x-ray and a ct with contrast

Thanks for providing more information.

I understand your worry about chest pain and shortness of breath.

However i want to assure you that chances of any serious condition like Heart pathology,embolism are less likely as your most of the investigations are fine with normal results.

As you have history of acid reflux so it can be a contributing factor in chest pain so it's good to see your family doctor for a clinical examination and further a referral to gastroenterologist can be advised.

Prescribed medications like H-2-receptor blockers,Prokinetics can be given to relieve acid reflux.

Avoid caffeine,spicy food.

Your blood pressure should be monitored at regular intervals.

And if your chest pain persist then Echocardiography should be done as well.





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